Nursery Tips

We know how difficult and essential it is to craft an inspiring and practical nursery. We’ve been though it a few dozen times and we’re here to help you with all the knowledge we’ve gleaned along the way.

1. Your nursery should create a feeling of calm and contentment for you and your baby. We recommend choosing natural materials and neutral hues for furniture, walls and rugs. Use pops of color as accents elsewhere in the room, such as pillows or mobiles. Soon enough the room will be filled with colorful toys.

2. Start with the essentials: your baby needs a place to sleep and you need a place to change your baby. Choose a crib and changing station first and move forward from there. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by secondary items like diaper genies, sleepers, and lovies. Prioritize what's essential for the space.

3. Make your changing station on top of your baby's dresser. This saves space and allows for diaper changing efficiency. Choose a changing tray to match your dresser finish for a sure design win.

4. Leave room for growth. Limited storage will quickly be a problem if you do not plan for an inevitable wardrobe expansion. If your drawers are full from the get go, there will be nowhere for new items to go—and believe us it happens fast.

5. Consider the soothing comfort a glider or rocker can provide. Having a comfy, cozy, and convenient place to cuddle your baby or rock to sleep is vital. Babies respond to motion, and as a parent it will enjoys a comfortable pit stop to rest between parenting duties.

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Five Nursery Essentials

May 09, 2017 by Aldea Home + Baby

Your romantic candlelit dinner is booked and your roses and chocolates are on the way. But when it comes to your bedroom, Labexperiment has put together some sensuous suggestions for making your room more inviting for your valentine.

Light the Way
To set the right mood, you'll need the right lighting for some soft ambiance. A glaring overhead light is a big buzz kill, so make sure you have soft light coming from lower points in the room—dimmed bedside lamps or candles are perfect.

Feast for the Senses
Address a variety of senses to make the whole experience more enveloping. Light a single scented candle or incense (not too much!) or spritz a soft room spray, like a Voluspa Candle or our favorite Hinoki Mist. Incorporate different tactile textures by bringing in smooth velvet, soft lambswool or fuzzy mohair...just make sure to stay away from that scratchy wool! Turn on soft music, and keep the visual focus where you want it—on the bed, not on a pile of laundry or a TV.

Mess it Up
Forget your years of practice making that quarter bounce off your tightly made bed. Now is the time to mess it up. The last thing you want to do when tumbling into bed on Valentine's Day is to stop and untuck the sheets and take off all 20 decorative pillows. So leave those accessories off and pull back the covers just enough to show that it's ready for action.
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Take it to the Sheets: Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Getaway

January 31, 2014 by Aldea Home

Whether it’s your first or even your fifth, making a nest for your newest bundle of joy is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. It’s finally happening, it actually feels real, and you have nearly limitless possibilities for this important step in parental preparation. We think linens are a great place to start helping you decide on a design theme to create a safe, cozy crib for your baby.

1. We know that safety is the biggest priority of every parent, especially at a stage as vulnerable as when they first come home. Ensuring the health of your little one is the most basic of parental concerns. It can be surprising to learn that many bedding pieces are dyed with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. Check the fine print of all baby bedding for a formaldehyde-free listing. The Woodland Fitted Crib Sheet is a beautiful option that fits the bill for a safe nursery haven.

2. For about the first year of your baby’s life, he shouldn’t sleep with a quilt or blanket in his crib. Until that time, you can still use stylish baby blankets for supervised swaddling, as a playmat on the nursery floor, and for keeping him warm in strollers and carseats on cold mornings. Once he’s old enough to sleep (eat, play, and go on adventures) with his favorite blanket, he’ll have an adorable one handy, and you get to have your impeccable style literally dragged all around town. Our favorites include the Rabbit Patch Quilt and the lambswool Boat Blanket.

3. Those baby blankets are in for a messy ride, and should be able to handle it! How often depends of course on the frequency and “enthusiasm” of the substances that are going to be produced and encountered by your precious angel. High-quality, washable bedding is crucial for a clean bed—and your checkbook. It’s beneficial to have several options available so you’re never without a cuddly blankie, and we suggest quality over quantity. The Woodland Tumble Blanket and the Robot March Quilt are both machine washable (and remember, always use gentle, non-toxic detergents for your baby’s bedding).

4. Pick out a design you love. You’re going to spend hours every day in the nursery feeding, changing, singing, reading, and daydreaming about how you’ll react when your child wins their first Pulitzer. Why waste all those precious moments surrounded by anything less than exactly what you want? It’s easy to decide on a theme and color scheme if you’re starting with a great design. The Meadow Powder Fitted Crib Sheet presents a peaceful color scheme with pleasantly bold design.

Baby Registry: Nursery Linens Guide

January 05, 2014 by Aldea Home

Traveling with your little one for the first time this holiday season? Whether you're flying for a couple of hours or road tripping in the car, we've compiled some of our favorite tried and true travel tips to make this vacation with your baby effortless, fun and memorable.

1. The change in pressure on a flight can be extremely painful for your baby's ears. To help the pressure in their ears stabilize, make sure they are sucking on a bottle or pacifier like this Plush Pacifier at both take-off and landing.
2. If you're going on a long flight or have a lengthy drive ahead of you, it's likely the baby's going to either soil themselves or spill something all over their clothes. To keep them comfortable and clean, bring along an easy change of clothes like the Bay Area Onesies (and they'll be repping some serious SF pride).
3. Changing your baby in the middle of nowhere (or in the sky!) can be both difficult and uncomfortable. Bringing along a portable changing mat like the Sydney Diaper Clutch will make changing on the fly a breeze.
4. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, so why not pack along the Alma Mini Crib so your baby can snooze soundly every night you're on the road? With such a tiny footprint, the collapsible mini crib is perfect for packing into your car on a road trip.
5. Introducing a new toy the moment you board a flight or get in the car is a great way to redirect any nervousness or anxiety your child may be feeling. Silent, hyper-tactile toys like the Skwish or Cubebot are great for hours of entertainment and will spare your fellow traverlers' sanity with their low level of noise.
6. Have a fidgety or anxious sleeper? Bring a nightlight along with your on your travels! The Twilight Turtle is great for creating a calm, starry ambience for your kid, even if you're away from home.

Tips for Easy Travel with Baby

November 21, 2013 by Aldea Home

Hydrating well is vital especially when you're busy running around, so why not do it in style? We've shown you our favorite products from this season's drinkware, and today we bring you the cleverest and most innovative ways to hydrate and drink on the go.

1. Bottles that roll away are such an annoyance, so why not get a bottle that's square? The sleek Square Clean Bottle not only incorporates an innovative shape into its design, it also fits in most cupholders. Not satisfied with just reinventing the water bottle, the designers of the Square Clean Bottle also made it incredibly easy to clean—both ends unscrew, so you no longer have to fear getting your sponges trapped inside!

2. Need to clean the inside of your bottle and can't reach? If you haven't yet been convinced to get the Square Clean Bottle, we have another solution for you: the incredibly adorable, amazingly handy Clean Beans. No longer will you get your hands or sponges stuck trying to clean the bottom of your bottles. All you need to do is drop these little bean sponges into your container, fill it up with an inch of water, then shake the closed container for 30 seconds. Easy as that and you have a squeaky clean (non-square) bottle!

3. Water bottles are great for weekdays, but on the weekends, you just need a flask. The classic Flask + Funnel is a time-honored accessory that is both boisterous and discreet. Engraved with lively expressions, this stainless steel flask can make a great gift or be your own personal lifesaver when the spirits run low. Effortlessly fill it up with the funnel accessory and guarantee yourself a good time. Salut!

Drinks & Hydration On the Go

September 25, 2013 by Aldea Home

Wondering what you'll need for your newest family member? Themed baby registries are a great way to streamline the process of choosing exactly what you'll need. This week, we've come up with our favorite products for an organic, eco-friendly Green Baby Registry so your new family can be comfortable, happy, and environmentally conscious.

1. Rugs are the perfect way to bring quick comfort, warmth, and style to any kind of flooring, and the all natural Karoo Rug is perfect for bringing a touch of coziness to your new baby's nursery. Ribbed looped in a blend of wool and jute, this fresh and simple rug will fit wonderfully into any design you choose for your little one's room.

2. Quilts are not only great for snuggling and bundling, they also make the best keepsake gift. The SF Baby Quilt is made of natural cotton and thick 100% cotton batting, and involves a detailed process of custom printing a map of San Francisco. All the quilts are hand-knotted, available in three colorways and can be personalized to include your baby's name, birth date, and up to three locations.

3. Being wrapped in a thick, plush towel after a warm bath is one of the most comforting things to babies! The cushy Organic Cotton Bath Towels are loomed from pure, organic cotton in colors drawn from the earth, water and sky. Soft and thirsty, they're designed to absorb quickly and dry rapidly after each use.

4. Clever, creative lighting provides a great finishing touch to your new baby's room. The Utopia Elephant Lamp is a playfully chic and earthy piece from Peru made of brown stoneware that peeks through the delicate sheer white glaze. This unique little elephant provides beautiful, soft light and is a tactile delight for little hands.

Green Baby Registry

September 23, 2013 by Aldea Home

For the second part of our bath time post, we wanted to give you tips on how to make bath time an extension of playtime. Find fun things to go into the bath so your little one will associate bathing as a fun activity, a time when they can play games while getting clean.

1. Instead of having your little one be afraid of getting into the water, show them all the fun they can have in it! Oxo's Whale Pail is a great tool for the bath—the fun holes in the side let your little one see the showers of water raining down while you scoop up the bath toys using its convenient wide mouth. The Whale Pail also has useful little sunction cups on its underbelly so you can store your bath toys inside it, then stick the pail onto the wall until the next bath.

2. Underwater toys introduce clever ways to teach your kid the first concepts about the bottom of the ocean. The Submarine by Green Toys is a great, submersible toy that encourages your child to explore the terrain at the bottom of the tub! The Submarine is made from 100% recycled milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making the little vessel both earth-friendly and kid-friendly!

3. What better way to play in the water than having a toy that both floats AND scoops up water! The adorable Tugboat from Green Toys is a brightly colored super-floater, complete with a comfortable handle for those mini kid hands and a round spout in the front to get perfect streams of water to shoot out during bath time.

Making Bath Time Fun: Extending Playtime

September 17, 2013 by Aldea Home

Bath time can be potentially scary for new babies, so we've come up with a set of tips for you to make it fun for you and your little one. In the first part of these tips, we'll go over ways you can make bathing as comfortable as possible so your baby can relax and enjoy themselves as they splish and splash in the tub!

1. Having a safe, contained space is key to comfort when bathing your little one. An expandable tub like the Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub by Boon makes bathing even more convenient by allowing you to enlarge the tub as your baby grows from an infant to a toddler. Bathe your little one in five easy steps: recline it, expand it, drain it, collapse it, and hang it up to dry—easy as that!

2. Being scrubbed down can be pretty uncomfortable, so make sure you're washing your baby with fabrics that are as soft as possible. The downy and durable cotton Splish Splash Washcloths are incredibly gentle on your baby's skin and actually get softer with each wash!

3. An infant's skin is extremely sensitive, so it's very important to use soap that is both mild and natural. Dr. Robin's Soothing Body Wash & Shampoo is a tear-free body wash and shampoo that is incredibly gentle and created with all-natural ingredients so you can keep your baby squeaky clean and happy!

4. The last part of the bath can be the most comforting—being dried off and bundled up in thick towels is a perfect segue to cuddling up for sleepy time! The Bubble Hooded Towel is a super cozy hooded terry towel so your little one can feel safe and comfortable in their warm, dry little terry cocoon!

Making Bath Time Fun: Comfort

September 15, 2013 by Aldea Home

Picking the right rug for your home can be intimidating — from the color to the pattern to the exact size, the technical aspects of purchasing a rug can be overwhelming. We've compiled our top six tips for choosing a perfect rug so you can be informed before you come into the store to pick out the rug that's right for your home.

1. Color is probably the first thing you think about when choosing a rug. Keep in mind that the color should mainly be determined by the color scheme of the paint on the wall and the colors of your furniture. The rug shouldn't necessarily match the key elements in the room (e.g., a solid red couch doesn't need a matching red rug); instead, the rug should accent and complement the room. The deep green in this indigenously patterned Savan Rug is a great way to bring relaxation and calm to areas in your home such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries. As a rule, warm colors give rooms such as dining rooms and entryways energy, whereas cool colors bring a sense of tranquility to the space.

2. Style can be intimidating, especially if you aren't aware of what effects specific style elements have on a space. Rugs with bold or geometric prints such as the Diamond Canary Rug will make rooms with high ceilings feel cozier and smaller as they tend to draw the eye to the floor. On the other hand, rugs with minimal designs make rooms feel more open as they draw minimal attention to the ground. And remember, when using stripes, horizontal stripes in a long narrow room will create a feeling of space, whereas vertical stripes in a small hallway will make it seem longer.

3. The shape of a rug can completely change the way you perceive a room. Square-shaped rugs are great for large, modern living rooms and perfectly circular rugs such as the Astro Round Rug immediately draws a person's attention with its unique shape and centrally-focused pattern. Other shapes to keep in mind: ovals are interesting alternatives to traditional rectangular rugs, and the rare kidney shape is excellent for modern living rooms as a statement piece.

4. One of the most important things to consider is the room in which you'll be placing the rug. In a family room, durability must be taken into account since that's where everyone will gather, watch TV, and eat snacks, suggesting that you need a sturdier, stain-hiding rug that withstands wear and tear. The living room or foyer, on the other hand, calls for more of a statement piece such as the gorgeous Big Horn Collection Rug that would perfectly complement the spare furniture in a modern, spacious room.

5. Material may initially feel very instinctual (especialy when you sink your feet into a thick, lush rug and think "Ahh..."), but keep in mind the area in which you'll have the rug. Luxurious, thick rugs such as the hand tufted New Zealand wool Georgia Rug is great for open spaces for lounging such as the living room or study as you can get both comfort and warmth from this material. For your outdoor rugs, however, you want a rug made from more durable, synthetic materials like woven vinyl or polypropylene.

6. The placement of your rug is the final and often most frustrating aspect of integrating a new rug into your home. As a rule, if you have a rug with beautiful colors and patterns that you want to be the center of a room such as the Sofia Collection Rug, you want to get smaller sized rug (approximately 3' x 5' to 6' x 9'). This smaller size will allow you to place the rug in between the sofa and additional seats, leaving a sliver of exposed floor between the rug and furniture. Bigger rugs, on the other hand (8' x 10' and larger) can be tucked under the two front legs of your furniture - the only rule of thumb is to leave between 18" to 24" of exposed floor between the wall and rug, creating a border that frames the arrangement.

Happy rug hunting! Hopefully you have all the information you need now to have fun picking the perfect rug for your home.

Get Smug About Rugs: Tips for Picking the Perfect Rug for Your Home

September 10, 2013 by Aldea Home

With a new baby on the way, figuring out what to get for your little one can be a headache. One of our amazing associates, Vajra, is an expecting mom and has compiled her favorite essentials for new parents. We hope this list will serve as a useful guide for stocking up on necessities for your new baby!

1. Get excited about your new baby's personality - stock up on onesies that compliment their bright smiles like the Long-Sleeve Romper from Winter Water Factory. Manufactured and designed in the US, Winter Water Factory’s long-sleeve romper is the perfect one-piece outfit and comes with a lap neck and 7 snap buttons, perfect for getting your little one cozy in a jiffy.
2. Carrying babies can get tiring, so make it as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. The Organic Baby Carrier by ErgoBaby is a perfect fit for women – it has great back support for moms, as well as ample support for your little one’s hip development. This baby carrier allows for dual carrying positions so you can have your baby in the front facing you, or on your back.
3. Rest is so precious and important to new parents, and the Luca Glider is a beautiful, modern chair is great for energy-deprived new parents – it provides amazing back support and aids in the sleeping of your newborn. Not only will these chairs look wonderful in your nursery, they are also incredibly comfortable, functional, and can transition easily from the nursery to the living room after your little one grows up.
4. Haven't found the right diaper bag yet? The Pronto Changing Station by Skip Hop is a portable changing pad that will work anywhere, so you can keep this low footprint pad in whichever bag you’ve got. Complete with a travel case for baby wipes and pockets for storing diaper cream, this changing pad is a must have (even if you just keep it in the car).
5. If you’ve been around a baby before, you know they’re always grabbing at mom’s hair, earrings, necklaces… Chewbeads are the perfect necklace for helping moms feel a little brighter and for letting teething babies chew on something organic and soft. Instead of grabbing your hair or earrings, give them something fun and appropriate to teethe on with these stylish Chewbeads.
6. Every expecting parent who walks through our door looks for the perfect stroller, but in reality, there is no perfect stroller – there’s only the stroller that’s right for you. The Navigator Stroller by Phil & Ted’s is a great all-around stroller for first-time parents because it manages multiple terrains and is able to accommodate two kids if you decide to expand your family.
7. A comfortable, breathable swaddle is crucial especially for kids who don’t like being swaddled. Mela Bamboo Swaddles are perfect lightweight blankets that can serve a huge variety of functions from a soft blanket at the park to a stroller drape to block the sun.

Essentials for Expecting Parents

September 03, 2013 by Aldea Home