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What it means to be Aldea

Aldea ("village" in Spanish) is more than a destination for ​home decor and baby goods. Check out why our selection, ​training, and connection to community set us apart from ​other local (and online) retailers.


The gates are open!

I started Aldea in 2005 when I first ​moved to San Francisco, craving ​connection to my new city. That's ​why, when I founded Aldea Home and ​Baby, I wanted community to be a ​vital aspect of the store. I hope you ​take the opportunity to not only ​provide our valued services to your ​city, but to join the larger Aldea ​community as well.

Johanna Bialkin

Owner, Aldea Home & Baby

The best at what we do

There are simply no other ​stores with 20 years of ​experience in selling the ​most useful, stylish, and ​sustainable home and baby ​goods available.

Knowledgeable, ​friendly staff

Aldea trains its sales crew to ​help customers decide on ​the home and baby goods ​that meet their unique needs ​and aesthetic.

Thoughtful curation

Aldea regularly selects ​and refreshes our ​products based on ​current design trends ​and the changing needs ​of your community.

Why you should join our village

Service that makes ​the difference

Our staff are trained in ​everything from deep vendor ​and product knowledge to the ​stages of child development in ​order to help customers make ​the best possible decision.

The chance to try ​out baby items

Every baby's needs are ​different. And hands-on, ​real-time testing is the best ​way for parents to feel ​comfortable about their ​purchases of baby goods.

A valuable

customer base

Customers who purchase - or gift - ​the stylish, sustainable goods Aldea ​offers tend to be in higher income ​brackets. They also respond to the ​savvy, empathetic service we ​provide, usually guaranteeing

return business.

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