We would love to be able to accommodate our customers and also make sure that

pickups go smoothly for you and to be able to best protect your items.

Pickup Hours:

Monday thru Friday 11am-5pm

Customers must call ahead with at least 24-hour notice.

You must have two people who can lift at least 50 pounds. We cannot help you load

your items into your vehicle. You must have a vehicle to load items.

You must bring proper protection for your items.

There must be enough space to load your items in your vehicle.

Please sign that you have read and understood our terms for pickup.

All our requirements must be met for pickup or we will not be able to accommodate

your requests and a delivery must be scheduled.

Please note that if you have not paid for assembly that your items will not be

assembled. If there are any damages or issues with your items please take pictures

of them and email to

All damages must be filed within the first 24 hours.


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