Nursery Tips

We know how difficult and essential it is to craft an inspiring and practical nursery. We’ve been though it a few dozen times and we’re here to help you with all the knowledge we’ve gleaned along the way.

1. Your nursery should create a feeling of calm and contentment for you and your baby. We recommend choosing natural materials and neutral hues for furniture, walls and rugs. Use pops of color as accents elsewhere in the room, such as pillows or mobiles. Soon enough the room will be filled with colorful toys.

2. Start with the essentials: your baby needs a place to sleep and you need a place to change your baby. Choose a crib and changing station first and move forward from there. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by secondary items like diaper genies, sleepers, and lovies. Prioritize what's essential for the space.

3. Make your changing station on top of your baby's dresser. This saves space and allows for diaper changing efficiency. Choose a changing tray to match your dresser finish for a sure design win.

4. Leave room for growth. Limited storage will quickly be a problem if you do not plan for an inevitable wardrobe expansion. If your drawers are full from the get go, there will be nowhere for new items to go—and believe us it happens fast.

5. Consider the soothing comfort a glider or rocker can provide. Having a comfy, cozy, and convenient place to cuddle your baby or rock to sleep is vital. Babies respond to motion, and as a parent it will enjoys a comfortable pit stop to rest between parenting duties.

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May 09, 2017 by Aldea Home + Baby

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