Bath time can be potentially scary for new babies, so we've come up with a set of tips for you to make it fun for you and your little one. In the first part of these tips, we'll go over ways you can make bathing as comfortable as possible so your baby can relax and enjoy themselves as they splish and splash in the tub!

1. Having a safe, contained space is key to comfort when bathing your little one. An expandable tub like the Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub by Boon makes bathing even more convenient by allowing you to enlarge the tub as your baby grows from an infant to a toddler. Bathe your little one in five easy steps: recline it, expand it, drain it, collapse it, and hang it up to dry—easy as that!

2. Being scrubbed down can be pretty uncomfortable, so make sure you're washing your baby with fabrics that are as soft as possible. The downy and durable cotton Splish Splash Washcloths are incredibly gentle on your baby's skin and actually get softer with each wash!

3. An infant's skin is extremely sensitive, so it's very important to use soap that is both mild and natural. Dr. Robin's Soothing Body Wash & Shampoo is a tear-free body wash and shampoo that is incredibly gentle and created with all-natural ingredients so you can keep your baby squeaky clean and happy!

4. The last part of the bath can be the most comforting—being dried off and bundled up in thick towels is a perfect segue to cuddling up for sleepy time! The Bubble Hooded Towel is a super cozy hooded terry towel so your little one can feel safe and comfortable in their warm, dry little terry cocoon!

September 15, 2013 by Aldea Home

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