Traveling with your little one for the first time this holiday season? Whether you're flying for a couple of hours or road tripping in the car, we've compiled some of our favorite tried and true travel tips to make this vacation with your baby effortless, fun and memorable.

1. The change in pressure on a flight can be extremely painful for your baby's ears. To help the pressure in their ears stabilize, make sure they are sucking on a bottle or pacifier like this Plush Pacifier at both take-off and landing.
2. If you're going on a long flight or have a lengthy drive ahead of you, it's likely the baby's going to either soil themselves or spill something all over their clothes. To keep them comfortable and clean, bring along an easy change of clothes like the Bay Area Onesies (and they'll be repping some serious SF pride).
3. Changing your baby in the middle of nowhere (or in the sky!) can be both difficult and uncomfortable. Bringing along a portable changing mat like the Sydney Diaper Clutch will make changing on the fly a breeze.
4. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed, so why not pack along the Alma Mini Crib so your baby can snooze soundly every night you're on the road? With such a tiny footprint, the collapsible mini crib is perfect for packing into your car on a road trip.
5. Introducing a new toy the moment you board a flight or get in the car is a great way to redirect any nervousness or anxiety your child may be feeling. Silent, hyper-tactile toys like the Skwish or Cubebot are great for hours of entertainment and will spare your fellow traverlers' sanity with their low level of noise.
6. Have a fidgety or anxious sleeper? Bring a nightlight along with your on your travels! The Twilight Turtle is great for creating a calm, starry ambience for your kid, even if you're away from home.

November 21, 2013 by Aldea Home

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