Whether it’s your first or even your fifth, making a nest for your newest bundle of joy is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. It’s finally happening, it actually feels real, and you have nearly limitless possibilities for this important step in parental preparation. We think linens are a great place to start helping you decide on a design theme to create a safe, cozy crib for your baby.

1. We know that safety is the biggest priority of every parent, especially at a stage as vulnerable as when they first come home. Ensuring the health of your little one is the most basic of parental concerns. It can be surprising to learn that many bedding pieces are dyed with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. Check the fine print of all baby bedding for a formaldehyde-free listing. The Woodland Fitted Crib Sheet is a beautiful option that fits the bill for a safe nursery haven.

2. For about the first year of your baby’s life, he shouldn’t sleep with a quilt or blanket in his crib. Until that time, you can still use stylish baby blankets for supervised swaddling, as a playmat on the nursery floor, and for keeping him warm in strollers and carseats on cold mornings. Once he’s old enough to sleep (eat, play, and go on adventures) with his favorite blanket, he’ll have an adorable one handy, and you get to have your impeccable style literally dragged all around town. Our favorites include the Rabbit Patch Quilt and the lambswool Boat Blanket.

3. Those baby blankets are in for a messy ride, and should be able to handle it! How often depends of course on the frequency and “enthusiasm” of the substances that are going to be produced and encountered by your precious angel. High-quality, washable bedding is crucial for a clean bed—and your checkbook. It’s beneficial to have several options available so you’re never without a cuddly blankie, and we suggest quality over quantity. The Woodland Tumble Blanket and the Robot March Quilt are both machine washable (and remember, always use gentle, non-toxic detergents for your baby’s bedding).

4. Pick out a design you love. You’re going to spend hours every day in the nursery feeding, changing, singing, reading, and daydreaming about how you’ll react when your child wins their first Pulitzer. Why waste all those precious moments surrounded by anything less than exactly what you want? It’s easy to decide on a theme and color scheme if you’re starting with a great design. The Meadow Powder Fitted Crib Sheet presents a peaceful color scheme with pleasantly bold design.

January 05, 2014 by Aldea Home

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