With a new baby on the way, figuring out what to get for your little one can be a headache. One of our amazing associates, Vajra, is an expecting mom and has compiled her favorite essentials for new parents. We hope this list will serve as a useful guide for stocking up on necessities for your new baby!

1. Get excited about your new baby's personality - stock up on onesies that compliment their bright smiles like the Long-Sleeve Romper from Winter Water Factory. Manufactured and designed in the US, Winter Water Factory’s long-sleeve romper is the perfect one-piece outfit and comes with a lap neck and 7 snap buttons, perfect for getting your little one cozy in a jiffy.
2. Carrying babies can get tiring, so make it as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. The Organic Baby Carrier by ErgoBaby is a perfect fit for women – it has great back support for moms, as well as ample support for your little one’s hip development. This baby carrier allows for dual carrying positions so you can have your baby in the front facing you, or on your back.
3. Rest is so precious and important to new parents, and the Luca Glider is a beautiful, modern chair is great for energy-deprived new parents – it provides amazing back support and aids in the sleeping of your newborn. Not only will these chairs look wonderful in your nursery, they are also incredibly comfortable, functional, and can transition easily from the nursery to the living room after your little one grows up.
4. Haven't found the right diaper bag yet? The Pronto Changing Station by Skip Hop is a portable changing pad that will work anywhere, so you can keep this low footprint pad in whichever bag you’ve got. Complete with a travel case for baby wipes and pockets for storing diaper cream, this changing pad is a must have (even if you just keep it in the car).
5. If you’ve been around a baby before, you know they’re always grabbing at mom’s hair, earrings, necklaces… Chewbeads are the perfect necklace for helping moms feel a little brighter and for letting teething babies chew on something organic and soft. Instead of grabbing your hair or earrings, give them something fun and appropriate to teethe on with these stylish Chewbeads.
6. Every expecting parent who walks through our door looks for the perfect stroller, but in reality, there is no perfect stroller – there’s only the stroller that’s right for you. The Navigator Stroller by Phil & Ted’s is a great all-around stroller for first-time parents because it manages multiple terrains and is able to accommodate two kids if you decide to expand your family.
7. A comfortable, breathable swaddle is crucial especially for kids who don’t like being swaddled. Mela Bamboo Swaddles are perfect lightweight blankets that can serve a huge variety of functions from a soft blanket at the park to a stroller drape to block the sun.

September 03, 2013 by Aldea Home

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