As new parents there is one in-stone guarantee, your baby is going to cry; and cry a lot. Cry when she's hungry, cry when he's wet, cry when they are frustrated; just so many reasons. As new parents you want to help but you're not sure what to do. Well the experts over at have shared and article from Cara Wira Dineen at American Baby who identified 9 main reasons why babies cry. They have great information over there and we encourage you to check them out

9 Totally Normal Reasons Babies Cry

Sometimes trying to figure out why your little one is crying can make you, well, cry. To help, here are each and every one of your baby's cries, decoded.

Even if Baby doesn't need changing, it might be too tight. (READ MORE)

We hope this information helps create more restful nights in your home


June 07, 2018 by Johanna Bialkin