With so many mattress manufacturers in the market for baby, it's hard to make a quick final decision. As parents we want to make the right decisions for our families. You can take comfort in knowing Aldea's mattress collection has been carefully curated to only give you the best. We stand behind our manufactures as their values align ours and we truly know they have us parents in mind. As studies show, you will spend roughly 1/3 of your life in bed. You will need to ensure that you and your family only have the safest and most comfortable mattress to lay down on. Here’s some background on one for the vendors we carry at Aldea Home & Baby.

While Nook has evolved into a lifestyle brand, it all started with one mattress. The husband and wife team that started the company did extensive research on infant sleep and learned what was available at the time (waterproof mattresses made with inner springs) was not the best for baby (both in sleep quality and brain/spinal development). While it had always been industry standard for a crib mattress to be waterproof, other than the firmness level of the mattress, the varying waterproof barriers defeated the equally important level of oxygen rich airflow around baby. In fact, the founders of Nook were highly advised to not bring a non-waterproof option to the market. They were told parents care more about the convenience of a waterproof option rather than the safety of a breathable alternative. Holding strong to their mission of doing what was best for baby, they ignored the naysayers and developed the original Pebble Organic; a crib ready mattress that offered the ideal firmness with the optimum level of air flow and paired with a removable organic cover offered in a variety of colors that was water and stain resistant. This has been the benchmark for all Nook products sense. It’s okay to break the mold when it comes to doing what is best for baby.  

*Nook is GreenGuard Gold certified and continues to seek out other certifications to help parents feel confident they are doing what is best for their baby. 

At Nook, there is extensive research on the business practices of vendors from which we source our materials. When it comes to natural materials, we take into consideration how they are harvested, processed and what carbon footprint might be left by this process. For man-made materials we explore any negative effects that manufacturing process may have on the environment and how waste is disposed of. We seek materials that are recycled (i.e. PETE Air Spacer) or up-cycled (denim) and work to make eco-conscious decisions when it comes to our packaging and how we dispose of any waste from our facility.

Interested in a Nook mattress for yourself? We can custom order Full, Queen and King sizes for you!

We also carry naturepedic in-store as well which is also a Green Guard Certified maker. If you have questions on this specific brand or any that we carry, come visit us at our two locations, reach out to us on our live chat from 10am-7pm PST or email us at We’re here for you no matter where you are. 


March 15, 2020 by Journal Contributor