Light fixtures, lamps and chandeliers. They're not only functional pieces of decor, but they also serve as decorating accents. In fact, your bedside lamp is your bedrooms most important accessory, so don't miss out on this easy chance to add an interesting stand out in your room. Lacking color in your room? Adding a rug is also another way to add some excitement to the space. Rugs are an easy way to anchor a room, define it, add warmth and help layer a rooms decor.  Here are some tips and tricks for lighting and rugs: 

Balancing the Lights and the Moods of the Room  

The room of a child, for instance, must have brighter lights because they usually on the move and always bouncing around. While the grown-up bedrooms can have soft light for a romantic evening and comfortable sleep. Balancing lights is something that will give your home the right kind of appeal and charm which helps you to relax and enjoy. Not every place of your home can have the same type of lighting because the function of each room is different. 

Create Harmony

When using more than one rug, it's better when the rugs complement each other in style. If not, you could end up with a jarring or unpleasant effect. Too many "warring" patterns in a room will do away with any sense of harmony.

Exteriors are Essential, Too!!  

While decorating your interiors, you should not leave your patio and garden or backyard for that matter. These are the first things that anyone sees and it adds aesthetic value to your house. Get the right amount of lights for your garden and patio. Don’t overdo it and try using solar power lights. They are a boon to nature and will help you save on your electricity bill. Also, they will switch on automatically when dark and you don’t have to fret about it.

Bonus Tip: 

Always use a liner to keep your rug from slipping or creeping. The rug liner should be appropriate for your floor type, and also be the right size to fully keep the rug from sliding.

If you're not sure what works for your particular space, come in for a design consultation so we can find that right piece to make your space complete. 

March 21, 2020 by Journal Contributor