Make this Thanksgivukkah count by delighting your little ones with some of our favorite small but mightily fun gifts! From gorgeous tokens of Hanukkah tradition to whimsical puzzle gadgets, we have something that is sure to thrill every little kid in your life.

(Clockwise from upper left):
1. Commemorate Thanksgivukkah with your children with these beautiful Natural Finish Dreidels (it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so you better play with the kids while they're still young!).
2. Make a wish upon a star...Dip the Star Wand into the magical Fairy Dust Glitter and all your dreams will come true!
3. Let your kid tear it up with this bomb of a present—the Surprise Ball contains 10 (yes, 10!) assorted gifts so your little ones won't have to settle for just one!
4. What better way to have a memorable year than to celebrate every silly holiday? The 2014 Calendar of Silly Holidays is a collection of impeccably handprinted cards that are as amusing as they are useful!
5. Hermes is going to be green with envy when he sees your blinged up Schwings! Strap these babies to your shoes, slay some monsters, and save the day.
6. Sculpt creatures that light up the night with Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty! With this putty, playtime doesn't have to end at lights out.
7. Cubebot is ready for a dance party! This little guy can strike a pose (actually, many poses) and hold them, and when playtime's over, he folds neatly into a perfect cube.
8. This Jellycat Bashful Duck is tiny-sized duckling perfect for tiny little hands to hold or to carry in their pockets, so your little one doesn't ever have to part with their new best friend.

Check out our Hanukkah Gifting Guide for your adult pals, too!

November 18, 2013 by Aldea Home

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