Is your little rocker showing a mad passion for music already? Indulge their creativity with our amazing collection of instruments and toys that foster musical growth. Who knows, by the next holiday season, they could be ready to start their own indie band!

(Clockwise, from upper left)
1. Master all the instruments with the awesome Mighty Mini Band. From the xylophone to the clapper, to a guiro and drums with drumsticks, this all-in-one music machine has it all!
2. Is your toddler already twirling their fork like a drumstick? Get the future drummer a Rhythm Set, complete with a clapper and guiro so they can start their own little percussion section.
3. This beautiful red Mini Piano will delight your little Glenn Gould and have them tinkering away on its beautifully crafted keys, tuned to perfection and made durably for those passionate little hands.
4. Have your little one start creating wonderful, soft-toned little tunes in no time with the Melody Xylophone, complete with music sheets so they can start learning musical structure as they play.
5. Be serenaded by your tot without the fear of a headache! The Concertina plays pleasant, harmonic notes that will help your child with coordination and spark a love for music in them.

Rhythm & Blues: Gifts for the Mini Musician

December 01, 2013 by Aldea Home

See that blur circling your ankles? That's your kid and she's ready to go! Whether it's a set of wheels, wings, or an uninhibited gallop, you can satisfy your little one's need for speed with our collection of 'On the Go' gifts. Chosen with the specific goal of indulging your child's case of the zoom zooms, all you need is a helmet and a set of kneepads to complete the perfect present.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Skip the training wheels—this feather-light wooden Skuut Bike is designed specifically so your toddler can learn to balance without pedals or training wheels. The transition from the Skuut to a two-wheeler bike is so seamless, your little speed demon will be tearing up the trails in no time.
2. This flawless Swedish Streamliner Classic is so glossy and has such a satisfying glide, we won't tell if you end up keeping this art piece for yourself.
3. Until your kid develops an appreciation for that 1967 Shelby, delight their racing impulse with the gorgeous vintage Buck Midi Race Car.
4. You know when you asked your kid what they want to be when they grow up and they answered, 'Formula 1 engineer'? Well, the Woodmobiel Starter Kit is the perfect launching pad for their future career in building race cars, complete with 25 pieces to create 9 different life-sized wooden toys.
5. Until your tot is big enough to hop on a pony, this classic Swedish Rocking Horse will provide them with hours of galloping through prairies, forests, and mountains.
6. This astro-tot is ready for blast off! For the kid obsessed with wings, this slick silver Airplane Backpack will carry all their essentials and help them soar through the day.

Gifts for Tots On the Go

November 27, 2013 by Aldea Home

Make this Thanksgivukkah count by delighting your little ones with some of our favorite small but mightily fun gifts! From gorgeous tokens of Hanukkah tradition to whimsical puzzle gadgets, we have something that is sure to thrill every little kid in your life.

(Clockwise from upper left):
1. Commemorate Thanksgivukkah with your children with these beautiful Natural Finish Dreidels (it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so you better play with the kids while they're still young!).
2. Make a wish upon a star...Dip the Star Wand into the magical Fairy Dust Glitter and all your dreams will come true!
3. Let your kid tear it up with this bomb of a present—the Surprise Ball contains 10 (yes, 10!) assorted gifts so your little ones won't have to settle for just one!
4. What better way to have a memorable year than to celebrate every silly holiday? The 2014 Calendar of Silly Holidays is a collection of impeccably handprinted cards that are as amusing as they are useful!
5. Hermes is going to be green with envy when he sees your blinged up Schwings! Strap these babies to your shoes, slay some monsters, and save the day.
6. Sculpt creatures that light up the night with Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty! With this putty, playtime doesn't have to end at lights out.
7. Cubebot is ready for a dance party! This little guy can strike a pose (actually, many poses) and hold them, and when playtime's over, he folds neatly into a perfect cube.
8. This Jellycat Bashful Duck is tiny-sized duckling perfect for tiny little hands to hold or to carry in their pockets, so your little one doesn't ever have to part with their new best friend.

Check out our Hanukkah Gifting Guide for your adult pals, too!

Thanksgivukkah Gifting Guide

November 18, 2013 by Aldea Home

Gift Baskets

Who said getting excited about presents is just for kids? Get giddy about gifting with these excellent and easy gift baskets—not only are they carefully curated with some of our favorite products, these baskets are also beautifully packaged and discounted at 15% off the full retail price. So, check your 'Nice' list twice and get ready to embrace the season of giving!

Baby Gift Basket I - The NOEL


Purple Canvas Owl Caddy by 3 Sprouts
Organic Muslin Swaddles by Aden & Anais
Plush Baby Legwarmers by Little Giraffe
Mini Doll by Blabla
Organic Soft Mushroom Rattle by Apple Park

Baby Gift Basket II - The CANTWELL

Orange Canvas Beaver Caddy by 3 Sprouts
Organic Cotton Hooded Towel by Apple Park
Soft Silicone Baby Bottle by Como Tomo
'Jane' Chew Beads Necklace
Lovey by Angel Dear

Gifting Made Easy: 2013 Edition

November 03, 2013 by Aldea Home