See that blur circling your ankles? That's your kid and she's ready to go! Whether it's a set of wheels, wings, or an uninhibited gallop, you can satisfy your little one's need for speed with our collection of 'On the Go' gifts. Chosen with the specific goal of indulging your child's case of the zoom zooms, all you need is a helmet and a set of kneepads to complete the perfect present.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Skip the training wheels—this feather-light wooden Skuut Bike is designed specifically so your toddler can learn to balance without pedals or training wheels. The transition from the Skuut to a two-wheeler bike is so seamless, your little speed demon will be tearing up the trails in no time.
2. This flawless Swedish Streamliner Classic is so glossy and has such a satisfying glide, we won't tell if you end up keeping this art piece for yourself.
3. Until your kid develops an appreciation for that 1967 Shelby, delight their racing impulse with the gorgeous vintage Buck Midi Race Car.
4. You know when you asked your kid what they want to be when they grow up and they answered, 'Formula 1 engineer'? Well, the Woodmobiel Starter Kit is the perfect launching pad for their future career in building race cars, complete with 25 pieces to create 9 different life-sized wooden toys.
5. Until your tot is big enough to hop on a pony, this classic Swedish Rocking Horse will provide them with hours of galloping through prairies, forests, and mountains.
6. This astro-tot is ready for blast off! For the kid obsessed with wings, this slick silver Airplane Backpack will carry all their essentials and help them soar through the day.

November 27, 2013 by Aldea Home

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