When we were in high school, it wasn’t exactly a compliment to be called a nerd. Those kids that everyone picked on for acing tests, reading for fun, and playing with action figures (they’re not dolls!) have grown up and pretty much rule the world now. The techie is like a big, fun kid who also happens to be the smartest and most successful person in the room. If you’ve got a Techie or two in your life, crack their code with these tech-savvy gifts.

(Clockwise, from upper left)

1. Still think Luke isn’t completely convinced of his paternal origin? Practice convincing him some more with this speech-altering Voice Recorder.
2. Hex, yeah! These modular, molecular, Magnetic Sketch Wall boards will keep your Techie stylishly organized.
3. Compliment her collection of portable devices with the Bluboom Portable Speaker. Its rechargeable battery lasts for 7 hours and connects via Bluetooth.
4. Meet Kyle. He’s a plush with personality who will keep your grown-up whiz kid company during those long hours of writing code and browsing memes.
5. Encourage the nerd to go out and get some color with the Beach Sounds Portable Speaker. After all, the warm glow from a monitor may be comforting, but lacks a serious dose of Vitamin D.

December 11, 2013 by Aldea Home

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