We’re art lovers here at Aldea, and we’ll bet you know and love a few, too. We picked out some things from our shelves that are sure to appeal to all your favorite aficionados and make their holidays a celebration in aesthetics.

1. What better compliment to your friend’s coffee table than a set of Jeff Koons-inspired Balloon Animal Book Ends?
2. For the lover of iconic San Francisco engineering, this detailed, decorative Golden Gate Bridge Tower model is sure to instill both inspiration and nostalgia.
3. If your cultured chum likes to create art as well as consume it, he can build his own little piece of home with the Sutro Tower and Oakland Crane Wood Kits.
4. Artist love statement pieces and this brass Crest Bottle Opener is one that’s both functional and exquisitely designed.
5. The Eames House Blocks are great for the whimsical artist who loves iconic architectural mastery as much as she loves playtime.
6. Your pal can have control over just how abstract her Christmas tree is this year with the wooden Infinity Tree that has, that’s right, an infinite number of festive compositions.

December 15, 2013 by Aldea Home

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