Ah, the Flaneur—that friend you have who seems to know about all the new and hip happening things months before the rest of the world. He’s an urban explorer, a cultural connoisseur. She’s out pounding the pavement—or more likely, cycling the streets—keeping her finger on the pulse of the city. Here are some gifts that are sure to impress this endearing, endeavoring hipster.

1. By making his extensive collection of small-batch and specialty whiskeys portable, the stainless steel Flask & Funnel set allows on-the-go party-preparedness for the Flaneur with a more particular palate.
2. Don’t let a flat tire ruin this swanky cyclist’s day—help keep her prepared with this vintage-inspired and compact Bike Repair Kit.
3. The Flaneur likes to stand out—even in those black tie occasions where dapperly suited men tend to blend into a mass of black and white handsomeness. Let him show his originality with these Bicycle Chain Cufflinks.
4. The U-Locker Necklace will remind your favorite fixie fanatic of her beloved, noble steed—even when it’s parked right outside.
5. Your friend is eco-friendly and immensely creative, so inspire him to log his ideas and findings in the Penny for Your Thoughts’ Leather Journal. It’s made of top grain ‘oil pull’ leather and recycled paper, complete with a punny penny tucked into a little pocket on the front cover.
6. It’s likely your friend’s glassware collection consists mainly of repurposed jam and mason jars. Add some diversity to his collection with this upcycled Cancun Tumbler.

December 08, 2013 by Aldea Home

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