Have an impeccably styled and polished friend you love to envy? Gift her with our curated collection of fabulous goods to show her your gratitude for letting you raid her closet all those times. From timeless accessories to whimsical pieces for the home, the fashion maven in your life will be beside herself with glee.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Every vogue lady should have the liberty to change her home decor on a whim. The luxe quality and marvelous designs of these Temporary Wallpapers will let a girl change the ambience of her home as often as she changes her heels.
2. All graceful curves and functional design, the Wool Swan Scarf will keep a girl cozy and elegant throughout the winter. Whether you choose the black or white swan, you can be sure this scarf will accentuate any outfit!
3. Unique, historic accessories are statement pieces that are hard to come by. The Beaded Stone Cuff draws from the old Victorian tradition of floriography where flowers are arranged to depict secret messages, and are sure to capture the attention and envy of all who spy it.
4. This timeless 5 Year Journal is perfect for Jane Austen fans, complete with daily witty quotes to help you recall the classics as you record your day. After all, what's more classic than Jane Austen? Only a pair of patent leather heels.
5. Is your style as unique as a jackalope? Well, now you can get a matching Jackalope Jewelry Holder! (Not that it'll be in competition with you, of course.) Only mother nature could design such a perfect animal to faithfully guard your jewelry!
6. You'll be all oohs and ahs at the end of every drink with this remarkably adorable Creature Tea Cup. At the end of every beverage, you'll see a delightful little face peeking up at you for a quick hello.

December 04, 2013 by Aldea Home

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