We all have that friend, the one we call the 'Urban Yeti' because they spend more time in the mountains than they do in the city. Help your apline-loving pal bring a little high-tech living to the mountains the next time they head off for an epic excursion with this crunchy and clever collection of gifts.

(Clockwise, from upper left)
1. Need to spend the night on a ledge, 4,800 ft above a glorious national park? No problem. The Safe Bamboo Radio will keep you company in nature with everything from 'This American Life' to the oldies.
2. After a weekend in the mountains, everything needs a good scrubbing, including your water bottle. Easily and quickly wash the inside of your water bottle with the Clean Beans—just drop these eco-friendly beans inside your bottle and shake!
3. Bring nature into your home with the Baltic birch San Francisco Bay Wood Chart. A bathymetric map hand stained in a custom solid-wood frame, this laser cut, layered artpiece is perfect for reminding you of a nearby or distant bay.
4. This unquely shaped Square Bottle is designed so it won't roll out of any cupholders on your trips to and from the slopes. And cleaning while you're on the go is a cinch—simply screw off the top or bottom and scrub away!
5. You shouldn't have to nurse your camera or phone battery if you're outside all day. Be liberated from battery conservation with the Solar Backup Battery and feel free to snap away when you summit that mountain!

December 01, 2013 by Aldea Home

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