We're not talking Jeff Bridges here (okay, maybe a little bit, but less 'The Big Lebowski' and more real life JB)—this is the guy you call when your car does 'that thing' and you're too anxious to call the mechanic, the fellow who brings a six pack to a baby shower (and is invited every time thereafter), the one who makes you short ribs after a know, The Dude. What do you get that supremely awesome person you'd never introduce to your folks, but can count on for everything? Here are five of our favorite gifts for all the dearly beloved dudes (and dudettes!) in our lives:

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Because the dude loves his drink, and because you're always trying to sneak a bit of class into his demeanor, the Stainless Steel Glacier Rocks are a perfect way to keep the dude's drink strong and give him an unintentional sense of style all at the same time.
2. We love a guy who loves his grill because we reap the benefits in amazing, downright scrumptious barbecues. Gift the master griller with the All American Spatula so every weekend can be a July 4th weekend, complete with burgers and beer.
3. You know what's at the soul of every true dude? An old grump. And there's nothing this lovable curmudgeon enjoys more than a game of high stakes backgammon, so be a dear—humor him with this gorgeously graphic, handprinted Backgammon Set.
4. The Dude's always talking about retiring to Mexico when he turns forty, so why not introduce a bit of the future glory days into his drinkware? These Cancun Tumblers are made from reclaimed beer bottles, so your dude can be both nostalgic and eco-friendly in the same sip.
5. For all the times he let you switch from the game to the latest marathon of Law & Order, repay the Dude's patience with a Vintage Stadium Bottle Opener, a collectible artifact made from authentic stadium and sports equipment materials, so that every beer he cracks open can be a memorable one.

November 27, 2013 by Aldea Home

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