Assemble a space that is an extension of yourself by playing with the tensions and proportions of masculine and feminine stylings. Charge the character of your bedroom with a jolt of bold color such as a luxuriously androgynous purple, completing the look with a unabashedly feminine accent such as the ornate Christian Lacroix Pillow, or give it a masculine finish with a bold, rhythmic print like the Pipal Indigo Duvet.

Introduce leaner, more minimal graphics to highly structured, angular furnishings when creating masculine spaces. Clean, linear shapes paired with tailored, fitted textiles will bring out subtle and rich details like wood grain and woven textures in large statement pieces.

Chic, feminine spaces engage the inhabitants through fluid, sinuous shapes contrasted by the strength of occasional pops of color and elegantly bold swatches of patterns and graphics. Emphasize the lithe and supple shapes of your furnishings by accenting the space with striking colors, textiles, and patterns for a balanced and playful feminine bedroom.

Orlando Bedroom

April 06, 2014 by Aldea Home

Have an unforgettable piece that’s the diva of your home furnishings? Whether it’s a furniture piece or even an accessory, create an effortlessly harmonized space by using this principal piece as the foundation that dictates the style of a room. Our Lazar pieces, in particular the striking Ranier Sofa and versatile Ranier Chair, lend themselves particularly well as both striking focal points and stylistic complements as the fabrics are entirely customizable, ranging from exquisite patterns to refined, subtle hues. Give the space a whimsical feel by centering the composition of your room around smaller accessories such as rare, worldly artifacts from your travels.

Shop the Ranier Living Room online.

Ranier Living Room

March 28, 2014 by Aldea Home

The devilishly dashing Ernest Bedroom complements art deco stylings with steampunk accents so you can round out your rugged dwelling with a contemporary edge. Add polish to your space with the striking Thomspon Queen bedframe, a handsome, hand-crafted piece that is constructed of sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood, finishing off with the glamdrogynous, incomparable Maxim Chandelier, a piece so decadent even Jules Verne is salivating.

Shop the Ernest Bedroom online.

Ernest Bedroom

February 23, 2014 by Aldea Home

Lights, color and pop goes deco in this modern take on streamline. From smooth sailing bright colors to future-foward forms, you better start movin’ ‘cuz the radio’s transmitting live from Sutro Tower! Now your arty robots and eco-friendly turbo-prop toys can have their dream playdate under the one-of-a-kind ambience of artist Dana Hemenway’s custom-designed lighting. From the sleek, modern curves of the highly-customizable Vola Glider to the striking form of the Aldea-exclusive Red and White Sutro Tower Coatrack, you'll find the space seamlessly transitions from a kid-friendly area to an adult living space.

Shop the room online on our Lambretta Living Room page.

Lambretta Living Room

February 19, 2014 by Aldea Home

??Grown-ups are just big kids with good taste. The Mimosa Mod Pad is for kids mature and young who love mixing bold colors with dazzling patterns, and playing with art toys in impeccably styled rooms. Fulfill your creative urges with the fully customizable line of Monte gliders and rockers, made to order to your unique aesthetics and exact specifications.

Come into the Aldea Baby store to get guidance on your baby registry or head to the Home store for nursery consultation services. We can help you outfit the perfect bedroom for any age.

Shop the Mimosa Mod Pad online.

Mimosa Mod Pad

February 16, 2014 by Aldea Home

Migrate seamlessly from the percussive energy of the streets to the tranquil folds of your cozy, luxurious retreat. All downy pillows, luscious linens and thick blankets, the Emma & George Love Nest is an ensemble of comforts from around the world. Feathered with linen- embroidered pillows, cashmere and alpaca throws, the Devon Bed is a hand-crafted, eco- conscious masterpiece that brings the warmth of distant woods into your home. Made from reclaimed and eco-friendly materials, the pieces featured here gathers the best and most carefully sourced craftsmanship the world has to offer.

The beautifully hand-crafted Devon Queen Bed is built from sustainably harvested and reclaimed woods. Juxtaposing warm patinas with rough and refined woods, the artistic use of tone ensures every one-of-a-kind piece is a focal point able to blend beautifully with others.

Shop the room on our Emma & George Love Nest page.

Emma & George Love Nest

February 13, 2014 by Aldea Home

Here are two words that aren’t frequently paired together: nursery and sophistication. Canadian-based Monte Design has changed the game with their modern, sleek, form-follows-function, fully customizable furniture available in an array of stain resistant fabrics and leathers. By integrating an ethical backbone with a love of design, Monte has created exceptionally comfortable and beautiful furniture that serves as a backdrop to your family’s most special moments and memories.

Happy, healthy babies are our mission at Aldea, which is why we love Monte’s pieces so darn much. We have a shared value of inspiring eco-conscious choices at home, as well as ensuring a sustainable future for the world in which our familes will grow up. Monte’s attention to sustainable detail is present in every step of their process: their foam is locally manufactured from seed-based oils, relying less on petroleum-based foam, and contains no fire retardants, contributing to an overall healthier nursery environment. The upholstery (down to the threads), wood, and glue are free of hazardous chemicals and toxins. The recliners and gliders are made from 95% recycled steel and their producers plant 3-4 trees for every one harvested. Their clean designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but environmentally responsible, safe, and cuddle-compatible.

We proudly represent Monte’s line of furniture that will furnish your home beautifully throughout the years as you raise your child in style, comfort, and modern luxury. Once your little ones have grown up, you can seamlessly graduate Monte's rockers from the nursery to any room in your home.

Come in to Aldea and check out our floor models, available immediately, or available within 5-7 weeks for custom orders—yes, that's right, all their furniture is customizable to your individual tastes.

Grazia Glider

At the end of a long day, you deserve the unparalleled comfort of sinking into the high, softly curved back of the Grazia Glider. Kick up your feet on the matching ottoman and don’t even bother getting up to grab another bedtime story—the glider’s stainless steel base will swivel you effortlessly between bookshelf and bed, so you too can fall asleep to ‘Goodnight Moon’.

Vola Glider

Between its distinct profile and striking wingback design, the Vola Glider is sure to steal the show in any room in your home. This handcrafted statement piece’s high back and functional arm height will provide you with exceptional support from feeding time to bedtime.

Grano Glider Recliner

Take everything you love about recliners—the spontaneous naps, the cuddle time, the knitting projects—and put it in a sleek, timeless package, and you’ve got yourself the Grano Glider Recliner. Don’t let the clean lines and compact design of this recliner fool you—not only can you kick up your feet, you can glide in it, too.

Luca Glider
This is the original modern glider and it’s definitely a tough act to follow. Designed with optimally ergonomic features and simple, polished lines, the Luca Glider includes a removeable and washable seat cushion (since those bundles of joy ooze a little more than just love and adoration).

Joya Rocker & Ottoman
A modern take on an old classic, this beautiful rocking chair features two stylish options in solid walnut or white. The corresponding ottoman is equally customizable and fully equipped to provide the support you need during those long nights, early mornings, and afternoon naps.

Tavo High Chair
Who would have thought a high chair could actually bring your kitchen’s design aesthetic up a notch? We didn’t think it was possible—until now. Just look at this thing!

Cubino Chair
These mini mod seats fit seamlessly into a more mature motif, so your little ones can kick it with the grown-ups in a chair (or loveseat) of their own stature.

Ninna Nanna Bassinet
This simple and stylish bassinet features a removable plush basket nestled in a solid birch rocker base. Stable yet portable, it looks great in every room of the house.

Brand Profile: Monte Design

January 17, 2014 by Aldea Home

The first time we sat on a Lazar couch, we thought simultaneously, ‘Ah, this redefines comfort’ and ‘I am never getting up. Ever.’ What we came to learn (after we reluctantly got up) was that behind the mind-melting coziness of the furniture is a company that is as devoted to eco-friendly ethics and sustainable business practices as they are to physically and visually pleasing design.

Exactly how visually pleasing, you ask? Imagine sitting, snuggling, heck, eating on a striking piece of art that you won’t be afraid to use (their synthetic materials make cleaning a snap) and from which you won’t have to ban the kids. Yes, everyone in San Francisco is enamored with mid-century modern right now, but since first setting eyes on Lazar’s offering, we’ve fallen for contemporary art deco. Beginning with the Lazar line, we’re introducing an entirely new aesthetic to Aldea, one that has a strong contemporary edge and will demand an opinion from people, good or bad.

The intelligence that Lazar applies to their sustainable practices is also something that resonates with our own beliefs and mission. Not only do they assemble their products in the US so the entire construction process is kept in the community, the shipping of their products becomes simplified, more affordable, and quicker (not to mention eco-friendly).

Along with Lazar’s memorable designs and patterns, we also absolutely adore the fact that all the materials they use are kid-friendly and durable. After all, what good is a gorgeous couch if your family can’t hang out on it? So, sit back and get ready for some serious eye candy from the newest member of our family, Lazar.

Terra Chair
Need an earth-friendly place to lounge? This 'precycled' Terra Chair can be that sustainable solution. Need to take some extra downtime? Easily transform the Terra into a bed with the sleeper option for that extra shuteye.

Clooney Chair
Handsome design and sustainability done right. Now just cue up a rerun of ER for the full Clooney experience.

Cleo Bed
Sleep in style in this Art Deco inspired bed. Sleek, linear design married with modern upholstery details makes the Cleo Bed a key piece in any contemporary bedroom.

Cleo Dining Chair
Feel as regal as Cleopatra herself in this art-deco inspired chair.

Ranier Sofa
Satisfy your need for comfortable and stylish seating as well as your eco-conscience with the Ranier.

Aldea Introduces: Lazar Furniture

January 02, 2014 by Aldea Home

Make this Thanksgivukkah count by delighting your little ones with some of our favorite small but mightily fun gifts! From gorgeous tokens of Hanukkah tradition to whimsical puzzle gadgets, we have something that is sure to thrill every little kid in your life.

(Clockwise from upper left):
1. Commemorate Thanksgivukkah with your children with these beautiful Natural Finish Dreidels (it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so you better play with the kids while they're still young!).
2. Make a wish upon a star...Dip the Star Wand into the magical Fairy Dust Glitter and all your dreams will come true!
3. Let your kid tear it up with this bomb of a present—the Surprise Ball contains 10 (yes, 10!) assorted gifts so your little ones won't have to settle for just one!
4. What better way to have a memorable year than to celebrate every silly holiday? The 2014 Calendar of Silly Holidays is a collection of impeccably handprinted cards that are as amusing as they are useful!
5. Hermes is going to be green with envy when he sees your blinged up Schwings! Strap these babies to your shoes, slay some monsters, and save the day.
6. Sculpt creatures that light up the night with Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty! With this putty, playtime doesn't have to end at lights out.
7. Cubebot is ready for a dance party! This little guy can strike a pose (actually, many poses) and hold them, and when playtime's over, he folds neatly into a perfect cube.
8. This Jellycat Bashful Duck is tiny-sized duckling perfect for tiny little hands to hold or to carry in their pockets, so your little one doesn't ever have to part with their new best friend.

Check out our Hanukkah Gifting Guide for your adult pals, too!

Thanksgivukkah Gifting Guide

November 18, 2013 by Aldea Home

Getting ready to celebrate the Festival of Lights with your family? We've combed through our products and compiled a list of the most wonderful and witty small gifts so you can really delight your loved ones during your celebration.

1. Commemorate Thanksgivukkah with your children with these beautiful Natural Finish Dreidels (it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so you better play with the kids while they're still young!).
2. Make your holiday memorable with this unforgettable Elephant Menorah, a unique gift that works before, during, and after Hanukkah.
3. The warm and fragrant Voluspa Candle will make any home glow in its aromatic ambience.
4. Turn your home into a wintery wonderland with the Holiday Quatrefoil Candle and bathe in its soft candle light as the holiday scents waft through the air.
5. These black on black etched Playing Cards will have you paying more attention to the cards than the game—we promise, you've never seen the King, Queen and Joker look as sexy and edgy.
6. You'll never need to tell your guests to use a coaster again—the Zuzu Coasters have such a beautifully punchy design, your guests will be picking them up all on their own.
7. Need a reason to look forward to next month? With the Origami Calendar, you can start each month creatively by crafting a graphically gorgeous and colorful origami animal (it's even printed on recycled paper).
8. Battle boredom with Cubebot! Keep him neatly folded in a perfect cube until break time, then whip out the Cubebot for a fifteen minute dance party (or aerobics—he can do that, too).
9. Use it for your jewellry, condiments, or herbs and spices—the delightfully versatile handmade Double Pinch Bowl can be used in every room of your home.
10. What happens if you forget to charge your phone and your backup battery? With the Solar Backup Battery, you'll always have extra juice with its solar and USB chargeable battery, so you'll never have to miss another call, text, or email while you're out and about.
11. Harness the power of the sun at night! This solar powered Safe Bamboo Pocket Light will come in handy in the dark, and you won't even have to keep a pack of spare batteries around.
12. Keep drinks wicked strong and banish diluted tipples forever with these Skull Whisky Stones.
13. Light up your holiday with these raw cut copper High Plains Arrow Ornaments or use them as accents throughout the year.
14. Get your gardener friend a little plant pal to keep them company through the winter months: the Eggling Crack and Grow is a precious, oversized egg that will flourish for up to five months with just a bit of water and fits perfectly on any desk.
15. Bring home the essence of Morocco as you savor sweet mint tea out of these gorgeous and geometric Moroccan Blue Tea Glasses, complementary for beverages hot and cold.

Check out our Hanukkah Gifting Guide for your little ones, too!

Happy Hanukkah, Happy Gifting

November 17, 2013 by Aldea Home