Assemble a space that is an extension of yourself by playing with the tensions and proportions of masculine and feminine stylings. Charge the character of your bedroom with a jolt of bold color such as a luxuriously androgynous purple, completing the look with a unabashedly feminine accent such as the ornate Christian Lacroix Pillow, or give it a masculine finish with a bold, rhythmic print like the Pipal Indigo Duvet.

Introduce leaner, more minimal graphics to highly structured, angular furnishings when creating masculine spaces. Clean, linear shapes paired with tailored, fitted textiles will bring out subtle and rich details like wood grain and woven textures in large statement pieces.

Chic, feminine spaces engage the inhabitants through fluid, sinuous shapes contrasted by the strength of occasional pops of color and elegantly bold swatches of patterns and graphics. Emphasize the lithe and supple shapes of your furnishings by accenting the space with striking colors, textiles, and patterns for a balanced and playful feminine bedroom.

April 06, 2014 by Aldea Home

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