The first time we sat on a Lazar couch, we thought simultaneously, ‘Ah, this redefines comfort’ and ‘I am never getting up. Ever.’ What we came to learn (after we reluctantly got up) was that behind the mind-melting coziness of the furniture is a company that is as devoted to eco-friendly ethics and sustainable business practices as they are to physically and visually pleasing design.

Exactly how visually pleasing, you ask? Imagine sitting, snuggling, heck, eating on a striking piece of art that you won’t be afraid to use (their synthetic materials make cleaning a snap) and from which you won’t have to ban the kids. Yes, everyone in San Francisco is enamored with mid-century modern right now, but since first setting eyes on Lazar’s offering, we’ve fallen for contemporary art deco. Beginning with the Lazar line, we’re introducing an entirely new aesthetic to Aldea, one that has a strong contemporary edge and will demand an opinion from people, good or bad.

The intelligence that Lazar applies to their sustainable practices is also something that resonates with our own beliefs and mission. Not only do they assemble their products in the US so the entire construction process is kept in the community, the shipping of their products becomes simplified, more affordable, and quicker (not to mention eco-friendly).

Along with Lazar’s memorable designs and patterns, we also absolutely adore the fact that all the materials they use are kid-friendly and durable. After all, what good is a gorgeous couch if your family can’t hang out on it? So, sit back and get ready for some serious eye candy from the newest member of our family, Lazar.

Terra Chair
Need an earth-friendly place to lounge? This 'precycled' Terra Chair can be that sustainable solution. Need to take some extra downtime? Easily transform the Terra into a bed with the sleeper option for that extra shuteye.

Clooney Chair
Handsome design and sustainability done right. Now just cue up a rerun of ER for the full Clooney experience.

Cleo Bed
Sleep in style in this Art Deco inspired bed. Sleek, linear design married with modern upholstery details makes the Cleo Bed a key piece in any contemporary bedroom.

Cleo Dining Chair
Feel as regal as Cleopatra herself in this art-deco inspired chair.

Ranier Sofa
Satisfy your need for comfortable and stylish seating as well as your eco-conscience with the Ranier.

January 02, 2014 by Aldea Home

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