Aldea Home is thrilled to present Sean Newport's artwork throughout our space. We love his Op Art explorations in 3-D. The graphic patterns and color in Sean's work play well off of the textures of wood and frabric at Aldea.

For myself I am captivated with the way perception of his shapes changes with lighting and angle. One of the things that is really interesting is how Sean manipulates color and light to shape the way you see his pieces. I particularly love the new pieces he designed in time for the big LOVE day. The hard and sharp shapes with the hearts are quite extraordinary.

Sean Newport is a San Francisco artist, his works range from design to scupture. Sean is a co-founder of Engine Works one of the last true art collectives in San Francisco.

We welcome Sean To Aldea Home + Baby and will be hosting a Black Heart Valentine's and Reception in honor of his pieces.

Reception + Black Hearts Valentine's Party
Febrary 12th from 6pm till 8pm
Champagne, Chocolates and Polaroid Booth

Sean Newport will be featured at Aldea Home + Baby through May 1st, 2015

February 04, 2015 by Johanna Bialkin

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