Aldea presents local artist Dana Hemenway's installation of the Aldea-commissioned series Untitled (Extension Cords). Currently working and living in the Bay Area, Hemenway creates artwork influenced by the local history of activist, political, and environmental ideals in subtle ways that are at once visually striking and playful. In between completing a series of new work for exhibitions and experimenting on new projects for her studio, Hemenway has installed a large-scale installation and created a series of Aldea exclusive pieces at Aldea.

Untitled (Extension Cords) uses the traditional technique of macramé to weave a functional item, in this case, extension cords, into a tapestry, questioning the boundaries in classifying objects as either decorative or functional, as art or design. Hemenway transforms the extension cords into a sculpture that whimsically encourages the cords to remain true to their intended purpose as they power a series of incandescent lights.

Dana Hemenway has created an on-site installation at Aldea Home in addition to a series of smaller scale pieces. Both functional as interior lighting and sculptural works of art, these pieces are scaled for home and interior use. These pieces are available for customization by the artist upon request.

Currently on view at Aldea through May 2014.

View more of Dana Hemenway's work at her website,

November 14, 2013 by Aldea Home

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