Robert Minervini

Robert Minervini Mural at Aldea Home + Baby

We are thrilled that Bay Area artist Robert Minervini is creating a new mural for Aldea Home + Baby at 890 Valencia Street, San Francisco. His playful jungle scene already enlivens our baby store at 1017 Valencia Street, and soon we will be able to enjoy his work at our main store. This week (May 26-30, 2015) he is up on a scaffold painting another “more adult” jungle scene with zebras, elephants, monkeys and tropical birds with a fantastic view of San Francisco in the distance.

Mural Install

Robert is known for his large scale acrylic paintings depicting utopian/distopian scenes of cities, freeways and flora. He was recently commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission to create a series of posters relating to local history. This series called "Invisible Reflections: A Narrative of Six Monuments” is currently on view on Market Street for one more week (more info).

Robert Minervini

Robert Minervini (b. 1981, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA) is an SFAI graduate and has had residencies at Bemis, Headlands and Root Division. His work has been exhibited nationally, including solo shows with Marine Contemporary, Electric Works, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Brooklyn Historical Society, and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.
instagram @robert_minervini

Robert Minervini

Narrow Bounty (still life with endangered California flora and fauna)
acrylic on canvas over panel, 32 x 48" 2014

Robert Minervini

Until Tomorrow Comes (Part I)
acrylic on canvas, 52 x 72" 2013

Robert Minervini

Day for Night
acrylic on canvas over panel, 30 x 46" 2013

Artist Profile: Robert Minervini

May 26, 2015 by admin admin

Aldea Home is thrilled to present Sean Newport's artwork throughout our space. We love his Op Art explorations in 3-D. The graphic patterns and color in Sean's work play well off of the textures of wood and frabric at Aldea.

For myself I am captivated with the way perception of his shapes changes with lighting and angle. One of the things that is really interesting is how Sean manipulates color and light to shape the way you see his pieces. I particularly love the new pieces he designed in time for the big LOVE day. The hard and sharp shapes with the hearts are quite extraordinary.

Sean Newport is a San Francisco artist, his works range from design to scupture. Sean is a co-founder of Engine Works one of the last true art collectives in San Francisco.

We welcome Sean To Aldea Home + Baby and will be hosting a Black Heart Valentine's and Reception in honor of his pieces.

Reception + Black Hearts Valentine's Party
Febrary 12th from 6pm till 8pm
Champagne, Chocolates and Polaroid Booth

Sean Newport will be featured at Aldea Home + Baby through May 1st, 2015

Artwork by Sean Newport

February 04, 2015 by Johanna Bialkin

Aldea presents local artist Dana Hemenway's installation of the Aldea-commissioned series Untitled (Extension Cords). Currently working and living in the Bay Area, Hemenway creates artwork influenced by the local history of activist, political, and environmental ideals in subtle ways that are at once visually striking and playful. In between completing a series of new work for exhibitions and experimenting on new projects for her studio, Hemenway has installed a large-scale installation and created a series of Aldea exclusive pieces at Aldea.

Untitled (Extension Cords) uses the traditional technique of macramé to weave a functional item, in this case, extension cords, into a tapestry, questioning the boundaries in classifying objects as either decorative or functional, as art or design. Hemenway transforms the extension cords into a sculpture that whimsically encourages the cords to remain true to their intended purpose as they power a series of incandescent lights.

Dana Hemenway has created an on-site installation at Aldea Home in addition to a series of smaller scale pieces. Both functional as interior lighting and sculptural works of art, these pieces are scaled for home and interior use. These pieces are available for customization by the artist upon request.

Currently on view at Aldea through May 2014.

View more of Dana Hemenway's work at her website,

Artist Profile: Dana Hemenway

November 14, 2013 by Aldea Home

Aldea Home is currently featuring artist Lorien Stern's ceramic Animal Heads. Lorien talks to us about the inspirations behind her friendly—and forbidding—creatures.

“Yellow Bear” (16” x 12” x 19” ceramic, enamel, 2013)

What are the ideas and themes you pursued in this series?
The animal heads have many ideas and themes behind them, but most importantly animals are a symbol of comfort to me. Originating back to 1999 when my father passed away and within the year after his death I adopted 7 cats; he was very allergic to cats. The cats became my best friends and really helped me through the process. For my most recent show, my solo senior exhibition, Stern Kammer, I created a space that was a tomb for all of my family members who had died. The animal heads from that show are symbolic of guardians and guides of the afterlife. Each head has personal meanings attached, but I also intended for them to be approachable and identifiable to the viewer.
Small Shark (ceramic, 2013); image courtesy of Lorien Stern

Your work features animals that are threatening but rendered as whimsical. What is your relation to them?
For a lot of my work I like to disarm things that scare me or seem unapproachable, especially the theme of death and sharks. I am terrified of sharks and feel like they come from an alien planet. They also really fascinate me and remind me of my brother who loves the sea and is caught every free weekend he has sailing. This is my way of getting close to the creature, without having to swim with it.
“Shark” (12” x 15” x 15” ceramic, 2013); image courtesy of Lorien Stern

Where did everything start for you, and what lead you to work with ceramics?
Well, I always loved to draw, I started painting in middle school, and continued to paint through out highschool. I ended up going to California College of the Arts in Oakland and began my studies there as a painting major. After being at the school for two semesters I became enamored by all of their facilities, especially screen printing, stop motion animation, the wood shop, and last, but not least, ceramics. I changed my major to "Individualized" and settled into a studio in the ceramics building.

Anything you're currently working on that you can tell us about?
I recently moved to LA and started interning for the art department of the TV production company, Abso Lutely. Right now we're working on a new sketch comedy show called "The Birthday Boys" that airs on IFC in the Fall. Look out for a miniature "Cool Machine" and a fake bearded dragon lizard! I am also interning for the awesome artist, Ruby Neri, and on my free time I've been drawing a lot of cats eating watermelons, making ceramic snakes, horses, and a lot more sharks!

Any words of wisdom?
Everything can be improved with avocado.

Find out more about Lorien Stern at

Artist Feature: Lorien Stern

July 23, 2013 by Aldea Home