As parents looking to keep our kids busy while staying home, we're all familiar with crafting (at least I sure am with my toddler, gotta keep him busy!). But it's hard to find toddler specific crafting that isn't complicated. Here are some easy peazy ideas you can try with your 2-4 year old for Valentines Day!
My son has definitely become more interested in what I do in the kitchen, so he now has his stool always ready to help me out! Here's a great brownie recipe that's easy to make and YUMMY!

If you're not afraid to make a little mess, this is a super cute and special keepsake you will surely treasure forever :)

Here's a great idea to help hone those fine motor skills with supplies you may already have at home! The link provided will also have templates you can print out.

Need additional supplies, check out what we have to get started on your little ones Valentines Day Crafts!
January 26, 2021 by Johanna Bialkin