We are so proud to have mom's that inspire in both stores. Here is Holly Hines that has been a customer of ours in LA & SF since the beginning. We are so proud to call her our friend and think her inspiration is worth sharing.

What is your profession?
Scripted Lead at Spotify where I’m creating the narrative fiction podcast strategy for our platform with an eye to also exploiting the formats in other avenues as well.

What is challenging about being a mom and a women in business?  
Time management. I could use a few more hours in the day in order to balance work, family and an attempt to have a personal life. Also, keeping a house clean is difficult when a little human follows behind you taking out everything you’ve just put away.

What can you say to other mom's about doing it all?
Be fully present when you’re with your little human. I’m trying to create a great example for my daughter by showing her what a hard working executive mom is with a rich life outside of the house as well. I’m not able to do everything perfectly but we laugh and play all the time.

What are your main challenges?
Being a single mom is rough. I don’t have that extra person to rely on when I want to do anything from grabbing a minute by myself or getting my nails done or going to the gym.

I have family and friends who are super supportive and able to take my little love in a pinch or overnight if I need a break. I’m also fortunate to be financially backed so that I can pay for the extra help and set of hands.

November 06, 2019 by Journal Contributor