That's right, Friday October 5th is our Anniversary and we're going to celebrate in a couple ways. First we're having Wine Night at both our San Francisco and Los Angeles locations. It runs from 5PM to 7PM at both stores. So if you are in the area (or have friends or family in the area) stop in and say hello.

We are also having a guessing game all day Friday October 5th. Guess how long our San Francisco store has been in business and win a prize! We'll even give you a hint. It's a number between 1 and 20.

What's that? You can't make it or you don't live in either SF or LA? No problem you can play on line. Go to either our Facebook or Instagram page and leave a comment under this post and if you guess correct you'll win a prize too! But there are a few rules. Only one guess per person. So you can't go and leave 20 different guess posts each with a different number. You also have to be within the continental US. Lastly only one prize per "ship to" location. That's it.

So we hope you can come celebrate and enjoy a glass of wine with us Friday October 5th, but if you can't then good luck with your online guess!

October 04, 2018 by Designer Account