We are very excited to offer erbaviva’s organic skincare products at Aldea Home.

Erbaviva’s organic history

Erbaviva has a long history of being involved in the organic movement going back to 1996 when the company was founded in Los Angeles, California by Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis. The idea was to create a skincare brand that had the same dedication that the organic food movement in California has long pioneered.

erbaviva is a premium, award-winning skincare line with over 70% of its products being USDA certified organic, the highest standard of organic in the USA. Erbaviva is free of dangerous pesticides, fertilizers, and toxic chemicals.

Protect your family from exposure to harmful chemicals

Erbaviva offers skincare products that can protect babies from harmful chemicals. Babies are exposed to 27 harmful chemicals on average daily from non-organic skin products such as toxic fragrances, sodium laurel sulfates (sls), and parabens. Many of these chemicals have been thought to cause cancer and other harmful effects on humans.

Erbaviva products are cruelty-free, coral reef safe, sulfate paraben free, vegan, 100% vegetarian, and forest stewardship council certified.

The process for erbaviva is farm-to-bottle. Ingredients are grown in pure, rich soil.

How erbaviva matches Aldea Home & Baby as a brand

Aldea Home is committed to providing the best quality products to our customers that also support the environment around us and we feel that erbaviva fits that commitment as a brand.

Erbaviva manufactures its products in a clean, green, solar powered facility. Aldea Home & Baby aims to help support sustainable products and businesses. Erbaviva also gives back to its community, which is very important to Aldea Home as well.

Some products we are carrying from erbaviva include baby shampoo, night night bath essence, body spray, nursing balm, sniffled chest balm, organic deodorant, body lotion, and stretch mark cream.

Visit our full selection of erbaviva products here:

February 15, 2019 by Journal Contributor