Thankfully since my son is quite young at just 2 years old, I haven't really had to explain much of what's going on since he doesn't quite understand it at the moment. That being said, he is getting a little stir crazy at home and asking to go out more and more as time has passed.

We do try to keep him busy  with activities through out the day. It's something we've always done before this all happened, but we are a bit more mindful about what exactly to do and when and for how long since its really has come down to just staying at home. We refreshed a few of our books along with some activities that are age appropriate.

Our daily routine has been pretty consistent, which is so important for him and myself too. It give me a much needed sense of normalcy during these unprecedented times. Sleep times have stayed the same, which is so important cause grown ups need time out too! We have also incorporated even more homeschooling ideas with our new found time. It's about making everything your child does a learning experience. Especially when it comes to vocabulary. We treat breakfast like show and tell, where we talk about everything on his plate, name everything out loud and talk about why its to good for him (and yummy too). 

We moved from the east coast, so family has always been far away. But now that everyone has time to talk, we facetime daily with grandmas, aunts and uncles. Even his friends near by will facetime and "chit chat" every few days until we can have in person play time again!

How people can Help Small business owners now.

As a small business, we have been very in touch with our communities and really try to not just be a place to buy things, but to connect with real people and create meaningful interactions. We are a resource for our neighborhoods, we listen to what the wants and needs are of our local community, and we're grateful to say we are still open 7 days a week 11 am to 4 pm and 24/7 at

We are a green business, that being said we work constantly to make sure our assortment also is relevant to our beliefs and core values. Shopping for sustainable product is so important, as everything we buy has a health, social and environmental impact. Buying decisions overall, no matter how tiny can have both a positive and negative impact, which is why buying small business is so important now. We are now cultivating the new normal, and small business is there for you when big box isn't. The way you shop now, dictates what will still stand in the near future. 


Plan Toy highlights to help with home schooling curriculum.


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Remember, if and whenever possible, stay HOME. Let's flatten the curve.

We are still here for you to get your essentials, to celebrate those stay at home birthdays and holidays with great gifts. Let us help you through our curated selection today!

April 17, 2020 by Journal Contributor