We all get caught up in the whirlwind leading up to Christmas, especially Christmas break when kids are off. While it's not a break for parents, here are some fun activities for kids to keep em busy and get the most out of Christmas Break.

Christmas Decorations

No one is quite as excited to create Christmas decorations as kids are!

As kids get older, you may even have them be in charge of decorations every year.One thing you can check off your to do list!

Some Examples are :

Christmas Wreaths

Cardboard Trees

Binary Alphabet Ornament (this ones so cool!)

DIY Crystal Candy Cane

Check out this link below for more ideas and instructions!


Christmas movies

Hands down, this is a favorite for ALL ages. Here are a few staff recommendations.

-A Charlie Brown Christmas

-Home Alone

-The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix)

-A Christmas Carol 


Baking Treats

YES Please! This goes without saying. 

We all love sugar cookies, (My personal favorite are Short bread cookies), fruit cakes, bark and so much more. The possibilities are endless. But it all comes down to the memories we attach to these treats. Haven't started your own tradition yet? Check out some links below with great recipes. Be sure to tag us on IG or FB of you do create any of these!


Peppermint twists


Easy Truffles (yep, they really are!)


Pink Ice (Prettiest Bark we've ever seen!)


Cranberry Shortcake Cookies


Ginger Bread Buddies


* Dont forget about about cookie swaps! Have guests and family all bake their own cookies, swap them all out amongst each other when everyones gathered and go home with a dozen new cookies! So fun!


Year End Review.

Your children are only kids but for so long. Take some purposeful time out and sit with them and talk about the year. Put all the gadgets away, turn on your favorite Christmas music and just Talk. Here's a helpful list below you can download use and save every year. You'll thank yourself down the line you did this.

Year End Review


December 18, 2019 by Carmen Cortes