We specialize in providing everything you need to outfit a stylish nursery. But with all the stress of a baby on the way it can be daunting to expecting parents to come up with design ideas for a nursery. Well you know we are always showing great ideas with our "Shop This Room" features. And the people over at  have identified 18 nursery trend Ideas for 2018. We hope you take a moment and check them out.

Nursery by @walkerwylie


18 Nursery Trends for 2018

Here we go again! The holidays came and went in a flurry and somehow it’s already 2018, which means it’s time for our annual nursery trend predictions for the year ahead. This year there are some obvious standouts as well as some silent sleepers. So, grab a second cup of coffee and dig into our top 18 nursery trends for 2018. Click through the slideshow above for lots of examples and get all the details below.(READ MORE)


The great thing about these ideas is that you can combine several trends to fit your personal style

June 19, 2018 by Johanna Bialkin