What makes Wonder & Wise the best at what you do?

It all starts with a great idea and an inspired design.  The development and design team that created the toy business at The Land of Nod (Crate & Kids) is the team that now creates all of our products.  We feel we are the best because everything we offer is unique.  Our products cannot be found anywhere else in the market.  We make sure our products are fueled by children, and not by batteries and wires.  We put a great deal of thought into everything we do, and the result is a safe, exclusive product that any child would be delighted to receive.  Our team has decades of experience in the toy industry, and we put that background and knowledge to work each and every day.

Why do you partner with small stores?
Every type of store has a specific value. We treat all of our partners with the same respect, no matter the size. Small stores have a loyal and dedicated following, and they are nimble enough to be able to create stories with our products as well as monitor their needs closely which enables them to be proactive, and enables us to react quickly. We also get a feel from them on what will sell before we bring the goods in. Small stores are in tune with their customers and interface with them daily. Sometimes they help us make decisions based on comments from their customers

How has this year impacted your business?
This year has had both a positive and negative impact on our business. There has been an overwhelming need by stores for our products, however we have had our challenges with freight issues overseas as well as port congestion, and of course the pandemic has limited our ability to produce some of our textiles in some countries. We hope all of this will be resolved in 2022, and we can continue to focus on developing great products and shipping to all of our customers to meet their needs.

Where do you think retail is going?
We hope our small partners will continue to thrive post-pandemic. For larger retailers, we think the trend will be more and more business going to online sales
August 05, 2021 by Johanna Bialkin