Spider Monkey - Monkeys at Midnight -- Nature inspires me, I think of illustrators from the past that documented and captured nature through illustration, like Audubon, but my love of creatures and 
the joy they bring comes from a place of admiration and concern. For Aldea, the designs I have created demand thoughtful observation and education, for example, the inspiration for the butterfly design was native Bay Area butterflies. (Pipevine Swallowtail, Mission Blue, Bay Checkerspot, Monarch) People may not recognize that they are all native to the Bay but I like that sort of thoughtful consideration to be part of the design. Maybe unconsciously knowing that these creatures and the delicate balance they create comes through in the way the design is depicted. You see this same thoughtfulness in the octopus design, it almost dances or communicates with its surroundings in the way it intertwines with the yellow seaweed.
My patterns for Half Full, have this same level of consideration and balance and many of them give back to organizations that support the vitality of these bbbanimals. Franz was created from inspiration in the Sonoma County region and gives back to Sonoma Wildlife Rescue, an organization which tremendously helps with the misplaced animals during fire season. Whereas, my Holly pattern is named after the inspirational Holly Baxter, the curator for the Human Rights Foundation and gives back to that organization. This pattern features the water pattern as it hits the shore and the beautiful snowy plover birds that utilize the coastline at Ocean Beach and surrounding shorelines.
Aldea Octopus 

Working with Aldea was a dream, I was inspired by their collection of home decor goods and also my son practically grew up in that store. I felt like the bold colors and love of unique animal patterns was a direct match. Plus, I love supporting other women business owners and Johanna is quite inspiring in her own success. 


April 30, 2022 by Johanna Bialkin