CYBEX offers car seats, baby carriers, kids furniture and strollers that are not only safe but perfectly suited for today's urban lifestyles.

At the core of the brand and its product developments stands the CYBEX D.S.F. Innovation Principle: the combination of unique Design, unsurpassed Safety and quality and intelligent Functionality. This three-pronged strategy has led not only to the development of award-winning pioneering car seats like the Sirona M Convertible Car Seat with Sensorsafe 2.0 Technology.

Always questioning the status quo and not afraid of challenging the establishment, CYBEX has become not just a leader in child safety but is seen as an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand. With its fresh approach, CYBEX designs products for parents while pushing the boundaries that often separate safety, design and function.

What's the difference between the European market as opposed to the US market?

Cybex is a global brand, while this brand was born overseas we have made it accessible worldwide. The main difference between the two markets would be CYBEX is a house hold name in Europe, while we are still working towards being the talk of the town in the US. We launch all of the same products with minor changes based on country guidelines.


I know you have an inclusion and diversity program. Possible to talk a bit about that?

At Cybex we firmly stand with communities of color everywhere to put an end to racism, hatred, and violence. We actively commit to loving those who are different from us. We believe we must educate ourselves and our children, to speak out against the injustices we see in the world. Silence is no longer an option.


What sets Cybex apart from the pack?

Cybex prides itself in providing the highest Level of safety and technology throughout the product line. From linear side impact protection to Sensorsafe  to having a seat that can recline while attached to the stroller, promotion proper back development while maintaining an open airway. The goal is to provide safety to the child while maintaining ease of use and style for the parent, we live in a time where technology rules the world but its very important that we build the seats and strollers to be safe even without the added features tech brings. Take Sirona S for example, this Car seat not only has Sensor Safe, and  linear side impact protection, commonly known as LPS but we also added a load leg to further reduce the forces experienced during a collision, while also bringing ease of use for the parent with the rotation feature making loading and buckling your little one much easier. Our car seats are tested at a higher speed, and also one of the only seats that has a true side Impact test. We definitely live up to our Slogan “ For all tomorrow’s People”


Where are your products made and manufactured?

 Our products are manufactured worldwide including North America

January 07, 2022 by Johanna Bialkin