From the luxurious to the exquisite, there are few things more satisfying than savoring a drink from an impeccably designed glass at the end of the day. Quality barware achieves several things: its weight feels flawless in your hands, it is at once simple and extravagant to look at, and drinking from it is a beautiful, organic process. Today we're delighted to bring you our favorites in this season's drink and barware, so kick back and celebrate with us!

1. Refreshing drinks with a delicate bubbly hint are the perfect segue from afternoon to evening. Hand-printed with organic ink, the elegant Zuzu Glass is a timeless piece of design that is both bold and tasteful. Add a splash of zest to your drinks with this graphic and chic glass.

2. Sweet mint tea never tasted better than savored in the magnificently deep sapphire of the Moroccan Blue Tea Glass. The delicate and geometric design of this glass will beautifully complement the curl of steam rising out of any beverage.

3. For our wine and spirits enthusiasts, no ordinary decanter will do. The exotic Gold Leaf Decanter is a one-of-a-kind, evoking golden mermaid scales and an aura of another time. Go ahead, appreciate your favorite spirits with elegance!

4. Have a love for unique, locally-bottled brews? Elevate the experience with the exceptional Crown Bottle Opener. Cast in brass directly from hand-carved waxes, the satisfying weight of this bottle opener is balanced by its functionality and precision. This finely made specimen is marked with character by its filing marks and raw, unfinished feel, perfect to pair with the distinctiveness of your truly original brew.

September 24, 2013 by Aldea Home

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