Hydrating well is vital especially when you're busy running around, so why not do it in style? We've shown you our favorite products from this season's drinkware, and today we bring you the cleverest and most innovative ways to hydrate and drink on the go.

1. Bottles that roll away are such an annoyance, so why not get a bottle that's square? The sleek Square Clean Bottle not only incorporates an innovative shape into its design, it also fits in most cupholders. Not satisfied with just reinventing the water bottle, the designers of the Square Clean Bottle also made it incredibly easy to clean—both ends unscrew, so you no longer have to fear getting your sponges trapped inside!

2. Need to clean the inside of your bottle and can't reach? If you haven't yet been convinced to get the Square Clean Bottle, we have another solution for you: the incredibly adorable, amazingly handy Clean Beans. No longer will you get your hands or sponges stuck trying to clean the bottom of your bottles. All you need to do is drop these little bean sponges into your container, fill it up with an inch of water, then shake the closed container for 30 seconds. Easy as that and you have a squeaky clean (non-square) bottle!

3. Water bottles are great for weekdays, but on the weekends, you just need a flask. The classic Flask + Funnel is a time-honored accessory that is both boisterous and discreet. Engraved with lively expressions, this stainless steel flask can make a great gift or be your own personal lifesaver when the spirits run low. Effortlessly fill it up with the funnel accessory and guarantee yourself a good time. Salut!

September 25, 2013 by Aldea Home

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