When did you start taking pictures?

I was the high-school year book photographer, but even in elementary school, I remember blinking my eyes real hard pretending to take pictures with my mind.

Why did you start being a photographer?

All my life, I've wanted to be an artist. I was always very visual, and I loved to draw and create. I got into photography because I loved the immediacy of it, and the ability to capture "reality" and freeze a moment in time and keep it forever.

What are your inspirations?

I find inspiration in every aspect of my life. Which sounds totally cliche. But I've always had a certain "wonder" of the world. At a cocktail party, you might find me in the corner starring at how a particular piece of architectural decor is joined and carved. I also love classical art. I especially love the dutch masters, the renaissance, art nouveau and Greek/Roman figurative works. Additionally, I was hugely inspired by Japanese manga growing up, and I use that aesthetic in framing compositions and story telling.

What do you like to photograph the most and why? people? places? rooms?

This is a tough question because I love each one for different reasons. Like, I could never say which of my children I love the most, because I love them equally for their own specialness. I love photographing people because I love capturing emotions, and because people are just naturally interesting. I love photographing well crafted objects because someone has created something beautiful and is technically demanding. And I love photographing antiques to preserve and share the lost memories that the piece contains. What's most entertaining to me, and I think is a common thread is "light." I just love how light and shadow can create mood and feelings and evoke emotions, and I love working with light - the various technical problems I get to solve.

What is challenging about working at Aldea?

Every client has their own unique challenges. I believe obstacles inspire creativity and innovation. With Aldea, we have to make the floor space work. Luckily, they have incredible staff of stylists who create beautiful settings, and it's up to the photography team to make them look natural and lived in and transform a showroom space into a bedroom or living room. We also have to shoot around their store hours, because it is a retail businesses, they can't really close the store to shoot. Which means very early mornings for the photography team.

What is the best parts of working with Aldea?

The best part is the people. I just love everyone there. Always fun and creative. I love understanding how a small business works and what challenges they go thru in growing and pivoting to meet market demands, and Johanna is an inspiration in how she has grown a thriving business that is fun and creative!

Nursery Catalog Shoot

August 08, 2017 by Deric Carner

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