The Sacred She Tarot Deck and Guidebook: A Universal Guide to the Heart of Being


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Our planet is shifting from a predominance of masculine yang energy to one of a feminine yin energy, helping all to find balance in our everyday lives. In recognition of this occurrence, The Sacred She Tarot was born. This seventy-eight-card deck and guidebook was lovingly crafted to encourage spiritual growth and introspection for all genders and walks of life, emphasizing universal themes of feminine archetypes, nature, and a blending of Eastern and Western elements. Included in the descriptions for each card are reflective quotes from contemporary world visionaries in the fields of the arts, music, and spirituality.

Padmas work is inspired by the traditional Smith-Rider-Waite system; however, this tarot deck offers a different approach to interpreting the suits than other common decks. By naming each card and its suit for their symbolism and element instead of the more familiar major and minor arcana card titles, such as Spirits Alchemy card instead of The Magician and Earths Cooperation card instead of the Three of Pentacles, The Sacred She Tarot is an approachable deck for gaining new insight into your practice as well as a valuable divination tool capable of helping you tune in to the messages from the universe.

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