Standing Lion 3D Model


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PRE-CUT and PRE-FOLDED PaperCraft.

The mighty roar of a lion has the power to make a grown man cry. Positioned in a protective power stance, this 3D paper lion decoration stands proud as he keeps guard over his kingdom. Use the kirigami shelf accent to decorate parties or rooms with a zoo, African or safari theme. Use our PaperCraft table and floor art to decorate your home, office, event or public space.

-Enjoy a calming and rewarding experience.
-Bring life and character to any room.
-An excellent bonding activity for family and friends of all ages.
-Disconnect from devices and reconnect to creativity.
-No scissors needed.
-100% recycled materials and fully recyclable.
Difficulty: ★★★ Normal
Measures HxWxD (cm/in): 40cm x 21cm x 75cm / 15.7" x 8.27" 29.5" Material: Fortified 250gsm paperboard (pearlescent)

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