Scratch - Colour Matching Game FIND-A-FISH


Brand DAM

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Contents: 40 fish, 3 dice Players: 2 to 4 Game preparation: Place all the fish on the table with their colours showing. The youngest player starts the game. Gameplay: Throw all 3 dice at once. These will show 3 colours. The colour combination you have thrown determines the colours of the fish you must find. Once you find this fish, place it by your side. If you can’t find one, it’s the next player’s turn. If you throw the same colour twice, look for a fish with those colours (for example, for yellow, yellow and red, find a fish with yellow and red).The third colour can be any colour you want. If you throw the same colour 3 times, look for a fish with that colour. Winning the game: When all the fish are gone, the players count their catch. Whoever has caught the most fish wins the game! Content 40 colourful fish (8x3cm) and 3 wooden dice, in contour box

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