RooLoop Newborn Safety Band


Brand Joovy

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The RooLoop is the ultimate maternity belly support band. While practicing skin-to-skin contact at home, infant falls can – and have – happened in seconds. Thankfully, the RooLoop is a natural, supportive way to secure your precious newborn and prevent falls while enjoying the benefits of “kangaroo care” (skin-to-skin contact). Supporting everyone from expectant mothers, all the way through to mothers with newborns up to the age of 12 months, this maternity support product is a must, thanks to its emphasis on skin-to-skin contact and safety. Produced in partnership with Joeyband™, the exclusive skin-to-skin product of Le Leche League International, the RooLoop postpartum product utilizes a unique, patented design to facilitate improved bonding between mother and infant, better breastmilk supply, and a degree of safety like never before. Its main features include:

●  An unparalleled mimicking of the womb, thanks to its innovative elasticity and patented design for unbeatable comfort.


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