Organic Vegan Finger Paints


Brand neoGRÜN

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Children discover the world of colors in their own way — often by covering themselves with paint from finger to foot and by gladly putting it in their mouths. That is why neogruen® finger paints are developed in such a way that memorable and harmless painting is a matter of course. neogruen® finger paints consist of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials and contain only mineral and vegetable pigments in food or cosmetic quality. The palette of mild natural colors promotes color perception at a young age through calm and focused sensory play. In addition, our finger paints are independently tested and certified to meet strict, ecological and vegan standards. This makes neogruen® finger paints the first certified and vegan natural product in this category. The finger paints are easy to spread, soluble in water, can be diluted and used under

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