Organic Vegan Easy Dough Set of 4


Brand neoGRÜN

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Children express their imagination in their own way. To give shape to your limitless ideas, we have developed our particularly soft and easily moldable neogrün® Easy dough.

The combination of natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and the purest herbal pigments makes the creative experience safe, sustainable and colorful. With neogruen® easy dough, little artists can develop their motor skills and express themselves in a concentrated and focused way. neogrün® easy dough is particularly soft and elastic.

This not only allows modeling, but also pressing, embossing, punching and spreading onto paper to create 3D images. With our cookie cutters, you can cut out great animals from our organic dough. After a few hours in the air, the organic dough starts to dry. It retains its original shape even after drying and

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