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KooperX2 Lightweight Compact Double Stroller With Trays


Brand Joovy

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The Compact Stroller That Conquers Two

There are about a dozen tri-fold strollers out there, but none of them can compare to the awesomeness of the Joovy Kooper X2. Housing seats for two kids weighing up to 50 lb each and a compact three-part fold that makes travel a breeze, this is the best compact double stroller you’ll ever buy.

  • One of the most compact folding double strollers on the market
  • Big, smooth wheels for an exceptional ride
  • The ONLY US compact double stroller with two trays that fold with it
  • Plenty of elbow room with the widest seats EVER
  • Superior sun protection 
  • Meets Disneyland® / Disney® World stroller size requirements

Joovy examined all of the tri-fold strollers currently on the market and then used their best points as a challenge to make one EVEN BETTER! Then they doubled it because that’s how they roll at Joovy. More space for kids, more space for stuff, and more confidence when traveling.

Joovy took every part of the tri-fold strollers that were already out there, made one that was EVEN better, and then doubled it. More space for kids, more space for stuff, and more confidence to travel with two kids.

Best. Stroller. EVER.

Yes, that may sound like Comic Book Guy (Simpsons reference, for anyone keeping count), but they’re so confident in the engineering that Joovy KNOW the KooperX2 is the best compact double stroller on the market. From the storage basket to the seat, everything about it is superior.

Big Wheels, Baby!

The tri-fold Kooper X2 double stroller’s big wheels (larger than any other compact stroller) that gives it a smooth ride, even when pushed one-handed. 

One-Step Linked Parking Brake

One tap secures your precious cargo on both sides – no fuss.

Nap-Approved Reclining Seats

Let sleepy kids kick back and relax. The KooperX2’s seats have customizable reclines, making them awesome for naps on the go.

Room to Grow

The KooperX2 double stroller has wide seats and extra headroom for another year or two extra use out of it.

And Relax

Kids will appreciate the adjustable three-position leg rests.

Easy Storage

The KooperX2’s unique compact fold makes it ideal for small cars with limited cargo space.

Standing Fold

No need to lay the KooperX2 on the floor. It can stand independently when folded, keeping it cleaner for longer and more compact. 

Super Easy One-Handed Fold

A…free….hand? Where do we sign up?

Keeps Valuables Safe

Joovy added a mesh cup holder for adults and a zipper pocket to keep your wallet, keys, and cell phone safe. 

Even More Storage

Compact strollers usually offer little space for personal belongings. Not the KooperX2. We’ve added a whopping 22 lb of storage capacity because busy grown-ups need space for groceries.

Superior Sun Protection

The KooperX2 has two separate extra-large water repellent canopies that provide UPF 50 sun protection from almost any angle. We’ve added peek-a-boo screens into them, too, so you can interact with your little ones during your journey. 

No Spot Cleaning Needed

Time for a clean? Remove the covers of your KooperX2 and pop in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

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