Hot Chocolate Bombs | Set of 6 | Milk Chocolate Caramel


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Celebrate the frosty magic of the season with our warm and delicious Hot Chocolate Chocolate Bombs by Kiri & Sons! Guaranteed to make hot chocolate sweeter than ever. The homemade milk-chocolate shell is filled with caramel and fluffy marshmallows. Simply place the bomb in a mug of hot milk, then stir as it melts into a rich, creamy drink! Bring in the cold winter season with the perfect drink surprise there is! These Hot Chocolate Milk-Chocolate Bombs are sure to bring a smile to yours and your loved ones faces this Holiday season. Whether you’re coming in from the cold or looking for something sweet, these are an excellent treat for you or someone you love. CARAMEL CHOCOLATE INGREDIENT: SUGAR, COCOA BUTTER, COCOA POWDER, COCOA MASS, WHOLE MILK POWDER, WHEY POWDER, EMULSIFIEE SOY LECITHIN, EMULSIFIERS, FLAVOURING MARSHMALLOW INGREDIENT: SUGAR, GLUCOSE, CORN STARCH, WATER, BEEF GELATIN, CITRIC ACID, FOOD FLAVOR

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