Hinoki Magnesium Bath Flake Soak


Brand Bathorium

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Yuzu fruit essential oil with herbaceous hinoki cypress and distilled ginger C02 fill the room with soft aromatics that transport you to a state of tranquility. Sit in the still, meditative silence and soak in this blissfully relaxing tub. Let the water transform into a decadent and rejuvenating magnesium chloride oil that stills your mind and eases tension throughout your body. 750g (3-4 Baths) Hints of: Hinoki Cypress, Citrusy Yuzu Perfect for: Meditation, Reflection, Muscle Pain Notable Ingredients: + Hinoki Cypress Oil: This earthy, woodsy oil from the revered Hinoki Cypress tree native to central Japan has been used for building temples and shrines, and as a traditional Japanese stick incense for centuries. + Tibet Magnesium Salt Flakes: These high-quality magnesium flakes sourced from Tibet are positively magical. They blossom into a rich and reparative magnesium oil in the tub, lusciously coating your body locking in MRSP $40.00 CAD $30.00 USD

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