Fire and Recycling Truck 2 Pack


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A Fire Truck and a Recycling Truck, together in one box ! Each toy truck is a puzzle that the child assembles to create a working truck. The parts are designed with a little "wiggle room" to make them easy to put together. The parts from each truck toy can mix and match to add to the fun!

Each educational preschool toy truck comes with a flash card that shows the parts and how they go together. It's a simple puzzle that creates a sense of accomplishment and encourages creativity and the development of fine motor skills. The trucks are made with 30% maple fiber ( sawdust from US furniture factories ). The packaging is made with recycled cardboard and paperboard, and is packed with minimal wasted space. 

All of our toys are BPA and Phthalate free. There is no surface paint to chip off, colors are molded in. Everything is 100% Made in the USA, in Danbury, CT.

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