Butch the Havanese


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MEET BUTCH: This 13'' dog plush is perfect for kids and adults who love cuddling with realistic stuffed animals. With a hand-sewn nose and premium fill, Butch is both durable and huggable. Whether you collect stuffed animals or want a special gift, Butch will bring joy. Don't settle for ordinary dog plushies when you can have this adorable companion. Get Butch today and experience the snuggly comfort of a lifelike stuffed animal dog. READY TO HUG: Our realistic stuffed animal dog plushies are designed with love. The irresistibly soft washable fabric and floppy body make them perfect for snuggles. Child-safe weighted inner bean bags ensure safety for even the youngest children. Whether it's for your stuffed animal collection or a special gift, our dog plushies bring a lifetime of love and comfort. SPECIAL GIFT: Realistic stuffed animal dogs are perfect presents for children. They bring joy at baby showers, birthdays, or graduations.